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Reply to "Brotha of the Week: Byron Allen"

sunnubian posted:
Momentum posted:

This is a 100% Obama failure and exposes Obama's hostility toward Black people and concerns, this should have been a no brainer decision for the FCC but when you are bought and paid for it never is.

Wouldn't this be a failure of Congress since the President cannot do anything without Congressional approval, [except by Veto, which can be overturned by 2/3 Vote of Congress] other than Declare War or issue Executive Order?

So, say he could have by Veto, squashed the big Cable deal Congress made, enacted, etc., for Big Cable, even Presidential Veto Powers cannot be retroactive, and the majority of the Big Cable Monopoly was already in place before President Obama was elected; Congress just had its palms greased to put even more icing on that cake since President Obama has been elected.  

The Constitution does not literally restrict what an Executive Order of a President can cover, but has ever been used like an actual Veto?  besides, any  Executive Order by  the president can be immediately undone by his successor.  

Otherwise, [hough I may be remembering my Civics wrong], what exactly could President Obama have done?  

Nope, this was a FCC decision, nothing to do with Congress.  Allen was personally assured by Obama that they would get fair treatment from his appointed FCC chairman. 

And btw Blacks have been trying to buy radio stations too or it could have been broadcast frequencies, something like that and denied by Obama's FCC. But white people had no trouble getting what they wanted. I'll look for the story and post it.

Its been an on going problem long before Obama nothing has changed. 


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