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Reply to "Brotha of the Week: Byron Allen"

RadioRaheem posted:
Kocolicious posted:

  Excuse me...aww huummm.  Yall are kinda YOUNG...and don't remember that Coon Allen was a TOKEN on Real People shown from 1979-1984.  Not much has changed.  That's all I'ma gonna say about that.    But!

I barely remember that show, but I remember him.  I also remember that black comedians use to clown his cooning back in the early 90's.  I like the behind the stage ownership of the game.  I respect that!

The show was boring as hell and Byron Allen was never funny but he is a hell of a business man, you have to give him that. And yeah, its too bad he married a cracka but this case is not all about him, he is suing on behalf of other Black owned entertainment businesses that are shut out of cable and satellite distribution. 

And btw, Oprah is the ONLY Black owned entertainment network that is cable and satellite distributed. 

And I see a double standard, when Oprah is gone will her billions end up with a bunch of crackas? I bet it does. 

At least Allen's kids are half Black maybe one of them will become President. 


Koco, Imma tell ya, I have a lot of relatives in Cali, North and South and so many black men are stone crazy about anything other than Black women. I have several cousins in Sacramento that have twisted admiration for white women and they are well spoken decent looking dudes. I have one cousin that is with a white woman that is 20 years older than he is and he has a great job and pretty handsome guy but we fell out years ago because he is also a cop butt kisser and do volunteer work for the police, I think he's a gaddam snitch.  

My niece moved to Texas from San Bernardino because she thought she would be more appreciated as a Black woman in Texas but she's married now to a brotha back in Cali.

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