Reply to "Brotha of the Week: Byron Allen"

The president could have made history and done a lot to right a long standing wrong by telling the FCC to force Cox Cable, Warner Cable and Directv to be fair and give access to Black owned entertainment. He totally disregarded the historical issues involved regarding this case, giving more Black control of Black images and nurturing growth of Black business in the entertainment sector. 

Blacks in movie history reflects Blacks 2nd class status, abuse and exploitation because we had no say the great majority of history. I'm not a movie buff but I remember some historical points when the first time Black actors and actresses made history or was treated badly or something great happened. 

Although I was a very young teen I had a serious crush on Lola Falana and years later as a young man I saw a movie she was in that was made in the 60's where she was gang raped by a group of white cops. But just seeing that hurt me, pissed me off where you could see that cop's naked white ass pumping her, it was a very graphic scene. They denigrated and destroyed a Black female star and beautiful image that Black people were proud of Lola Falana in that movie. That movie made my hatred for white people increase because I knew they were defacing a Black female icon on film for millions to see.

I remember the first interracial kiss that happened in Star Trek between Capt Kirk and Lt Uhura but they were forced to kiss by a powerful alien being. Its always a catch, of course a white man can not be genuinely attracted and in love with a Black woman on TV in the 60's.  

I remember we used to guess when the only Black person in a movie was going to be the first to die. 

I remember Sidney Poiteir was the only Black actor that was treated with dignity. 

I remember a lot of cool movies too, Shaft was the shit, Super Fly was cool when Black men were cool, strong and the main character, men who forced their will on the world. There was a slew of movies like that in the 70's of strong Black men, then they disappeared.

I could think of other stuff but images are very powerful and shape how people see each other and the white establishment knows that and intentionally brainwashed society to view Blacks as less than equal, less than just about anything.

Obama could have done a lot of good by telling the FCC to do the right thing. Its this type of shit that exposes Obama's indifference and hostility toward Black interests.