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Reply to "Brotha of the Week: Byron Allen"

Obama could have told the FCC to help Black owned entertainment businesses because they have a very righteous grievance. Byron Allen is not the only Black interest here but many others have a stake in this case. Obama is a Phony that supports nothing but white interests. Period and its very obvious. DirectV and the Cable companies and Networks told Obama what to do, don't let them niggers in, he says "Yes Massas"!

He sides with rich white racists every damn time even when he has a righteous Black issue before him such as Byron Allen suing on behalf of other Black owned entertainment businesses that are being brazenly shut out of the entertainment market. 

I don't worship Obama just cuz he strikes a good image and because he CLAIMS he's Black like YOU DO. LOL  

Who is visual? 

Here you go, kiss this image of your hero!


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