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Reply to "British Black Panthers"

Brotha Adrian wrote:  

Kocolicious: so you don't believe in research unless it tells you what you want to hear obviously? Research is more than reading one thing and rejecting the rest.


Excuse me my brotha! I was talking about FACT based on MY experience with the panthers. What the HELL are YOU ...talking about?  Don't minimize my maximize your bullshyte. Ain't happening with me.   Got that?

Are you are seriously trying to say it's the Black Panthers fault that there was a crack epidemic, or for guns and crime in the black community, of the US? There are various reasons for that and the Black Panthers aren't it. The reasons are varied, the US is full of guns, the FBI/COINTELPRO, poverty, racism etc. Also there is documented evidence of the CIA being involved in flooding the ghetto with crack up to and including helping to transport it into California. Several enquiries by the government themselves concluded this went on but blamed a few 'bad apples'.


Excuse me. Ah.  Did I stutter when I said what I said?  huh! no. 

Lets say I was mugged by a black man, then went on to state that because of my own experience black men are muggers, then quite rightly you'd say that isn't fair, it's more complicated than that, and it's a gross simplification. My experience does not allow we to draw that conclusion and generalize like that.

In the same way, just because you saw Panthers with guns, and some behaved badly, that does not mean they are to blame for gun crime and drugs. It's far too simplistic and lessens all the other good things they did. And to say they brought nothing to the table is clearly untrue. Someone like Fred Hampton for instance.


I was talking about what happened in MY LIFE on my SIDE of the fence during the black power days. Were you there with me? The answer. Helllllllllll no.  So step the fock back. I don't have to PROVE a damn thang to YOU or anybody else. It was my experience...not yourns. Just so know? I'm not GONNA waste my breathe attempting to CONVINCE you of anything about my life. Period.  But!



BTW:  You are NOT gonna get a rise out of me regarding this  issue.  We've been through this.  I'm done.

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