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Reply to "British Black Panthers"

Originally Posted by Adrian:

Well you seem to spend an awful lot of time replying to everyone for someone who doesn't care.


If you were there then why do you come across as a 12 year old in the way you type?


No I wasn't there. I seriously doubt you were there either to be honest. And I am white. No doubt that'll get your back up too. And from the UK, hence why I was reading an article on the Britsh Black Panthers. Did they start a crack epidmic or gun warfare there. Errrr no.


Go to the Civil Rights Museum. You might learn something. Or more likely you'll dismiss that too. Who are they to know anything either, eh?


Anyone that says something is FACT clearly does not realise how ridiculous a statement that is. Your facts are actually just opinions and as valid as anyone elses therefore. You could have benefitted from a Black Panthers Education programme.  

So  you’re white  . . .and….and…..and… so what?!


Does that give you a license to be an insulting spoiled brat? Son, you need to act like  a man. Show some courtesy and do not be so huffy about your “amble research” and middling debate skills. I spent some time on your island and marveled how such a small place was able to export small mindedness and prejudice around the globe. Amazing! You’re not like that, are you?