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Reply to "British Black Panthers"

Originally Posted by Kocolicious:

  Yes I'm serious.  I didn't stuttter when I said it.  I don't have to google anything....I was THERE!!!!  What about YOU?  Were you there?  You're so busy trying to throw me under the bus....ANSWER THE QUESTIONS.  Where are the Black Panthers now and where were they DURING the crack cocaine and gang banging explosion in the black community?  Don't fillabuster me. I am very CLEAR on the questions I'm asking.  Got any answers?  Didn't think so. But!  


Crack Epidemic happened in the late 80s. Black Panthers were disbanded by 1982. The Black Panthers were a flash in the pan by the mid 70s they were on the downhill, due to COINTELPRO, infighting, and outrageous violence.


Black Panthers no longer existed by the time the invention of crack.


What you have is various offshoots of the Black Panthers and various attempts of revival. 


The Crips and Bloods were an attempt to revive the Black Panthers but they descended into a street gang. Crips and Bloods was created to combat White gangs and police brutality. 


The Black Guerrilla Family, a prison gang that became compromised of Black Panthers in prison. The Black Liberation Army was a paramilitary organization created by Black Panthers and full of former Black Panthers.


 The Black Panthers are important because it was the first attempt by Africans in the USA, to establish a nation state. It has public relations, defense, a form of welfare, and etc. People of African descent in Brazil had us beat by almost a 300 years with their slave republics. 


The Black Panther Party experiment didn't work out but at least they were brave enough to try while everybody else sang Cumbaya or was simply talking about a nation state (Nation of Islam), the Panthers attempted to create one. 


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