Reply to "Bring In National Guard to Stop Violence – Hanore"


AFRICANGLOBE – Russel L. Honore, the tough-talking lieutenant general who shot to fame when he swept into New Orleans as a dominating presence in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, offered some advice to Chicago to tame the violence plaguing the city and its young people: Bring in the National Guard.


“Just like we do with any disaster. When the tornado comes, or the floods come, the federal government comes in to help,” Honore said yesterday at a news conference in Chicago. “Let’s not let this be about pride. ‘We are big ol’ Chicago, we are too proud, we can handle this.’ Maybe you can’t handle it. If you need help, get the federal government here. But let’s control the streets so children and elderly people can be in a safe community.”


WHOO HOO!!!        AMEN TO THAT!!!   



But in a segment on NPR, correspondent Cheryl Corley attempted to put the latest surge in violence in perspective. She pointed out that Chicago isn’t even in the Top 10 in U.S. cities for worst gun violence, and that Chicago’s violent crimes have decreased over the past two decades, making the 2012 number much lower than the murders in the 1990s.


“It really depends on where you live because if you walk through some areas of Chicago — most areas of Chicago — they are very safe communities,” she said. “Police often point out that overall crime in Chicago actually dropped by 10 percent last year and that, you know, it’s a really safe community. But in a few neighborhoods, homicide has just really become an epidemic.


I really HATE when Black people give this kind a rationale to problems we have in our communities.    The "Oh, it's not that bad" way of thinking.  Well ... you know what??  It's STILL worse than it SHOULD be. 


I'm sure Hadiya Pendleton's parents think it's that bad.  Or the families of the other two innocent teen-aged girls who were senselessly (and innocently) murdered since.  Or the parents of the two toddlers who have been shot and killed 'cause they were too close to the "intended targets" and got hit instead.


SO WHAT if they're not in the "Top 10" cities of gun violence???    Is 500 dead Black people (the majority of them young Black males) really "not that bad"???  Would she feel better if it was 1,000??  Or would 100 innocent dead Black people be any better??  


People used to get upset at the "50%" statistic used as the number of Black kids that don't graduate on time!!  But even if you cut it in half and said "25%" or "20%" instead ... you're still taking about MILLIONS of actual, human, flesh-and-blood children!!  So does that really make it any better??? 


So screw the "statistic" or "number" or it's accuracy of a few percentage points one way or the other.  That is SO insignificant ... it's not even funny.  A child is NOT a number.  A child is a LIVING being.  And it's not a NUMBER that needs to be addressed and tended to.  It's the HUMAN BEING that needs to receive the focus of any and all attention.


And I don't care if it's 1 or 100 or 1,000 or 1 million Black children we're talking about!!!  If we're talking about negative circumstances .... then it IS too many.  And it IS "that bad."