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Reply to "Boycott Cold Mountain"

MBM, Thanks for sharing this.

I saw "Cold Mountain." I was too late for the showing of "The Last Samurai." I found myself watching the movie with "two brains."

In the one mind, I watched the movie while making all the adjustments to ignore the reality of stories setting. I did all the things Hollywood taught me to do with reality.
There will be lots of oscar nominations. The judgement will be they were "acting outside themselves, and their experience."

In the other mind, my knowledge of history kept pushing me to the reality of what was going on during the time and the location. Soon I was watching the patrons watch the movie. It was strange seeing the points of sympathy, and discomfort. Many of the patrons who knew I was there referenced me frequently. I was the only African American, that I could see, in the theatre. I knew about the African Americans lost at Shiloh. I noticed the omission. I was offended.

Mr. Dellums is right.

I can't imagine the loss of life suffered by African Americans in that battle being ignored if they had been members of any other ethnic group. Sorry. Any Eurpoean ethnic group.

We have got to get over this 'QUIET SUFFERING." The comment Mr. Dellums recounted about "Hollywood's" reponse of "having seen that in 'Roots' was potent. It is to the point. "We showed it once. What do you want anyway?" When you control the game, you call the shots on what is important. Suffice is to say there is a lot "Holocaust" titles out there.

We will get our time. Continuing to work in the medium will accumulate power.


Jim Chester

You are who you say you are. Your children are who you say you are.