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Reply to "Booty sex - WOMEN ?"

Originally posted by art_gurl:
You can answer this annoymously coz it's a Poll or comment if you feel brave.

We know 99.99999% of men like a good booty, and shall we say, ahem, entry from the rear.

But let's cut to the chase... does a good booty also mean a desire for anal sex? Ever wondered or ever asked or experimented? How popular is it with women?

Any man that would want to fuck a woman in the ass probably has gay tendencies. Yeah, yeah, tell me, not to be so narriw-minded. But a lot of men who are curious about gay sex will use a woman's ass to learn about that act.

You'd better watch letting a man enter your back door. Remember, he may be a versatile, which means, he takes it up the ass and gives it.

So the only thing you should stick up your ass is an enema bottle.