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Reply to "Booty sex - WOMEN ?"

Originally posted by Max:
Of course, it goes without saying (but I'll say it anyway) that the issues of cleanliness were ALWAYS addressed: You gotta scrub your buns if ya wanna test-drive the tongue. tongue

And Art-gurl-my young grasshopper - when it comes to the mystic art of eatin' booty, you have much to learn. It takes skill & balance to master this ancient butt-fuckin technique. Observe, as I show you the magic, the wonder, the odyssey that is ass-munchin:

1)Wash ALL INTIMATE areas of your body.
2)Have your man microwave some honey till it's warm.
3)Place a shower curtain on your bed or couch, so you won't make a mess.
4)After you towel-off, lay (flat on your stomach) on the bed so your man can massage your booty with warm honey.
5)Now, spread that honey-glazed booty for a slippery tongue-fuckin, and brace yourself for an ass-gasm.


Max, I'll take your word for it Dude... I think I'll just stick to the old fashioned ways.