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Reply to "Bobby Seale, Bill Ayers & Bernardine Dohrn on Police Repression, Fred Hampton Murder & Prison Strike"

Well, Jesus nor the "Jews" were White in the first place.  The depiction of a 'White' Jesus has always been a lie [or misnomer], etc.

The "jews" were not "White" when they left Africa, but after centuries of intermarrying with Europeans now appear to be predominately White. 

[That "Jew-Fro" comes from but one place]

Jesus didn't mention "us" because "us" were the "Jews" that many centuries, millenia ago.  

It has been the 'modern' "jews" that have spread the misnomer that Hitler hated them because of their religion, when the truth is, that Hitler knew what their true race really was, or at least its origin, and that's one of the primary reasons  he hated the Jews so, and wanted to exterminate them, because he believed all non-white people were inferior and should be exterminated, as he had planned for ALL non-White peopl, even those he was using at the time to help him in is quest to conquer the world.

Oh, and the first "slaves" were actually White people because it was White people that the Arabs first enslaved, centuries later it would be other Africans that they would invade and enslave, and centuries after that they would teach Europeans to be enslavers, particularly of indigenous Africans.  

And, you are right, no one can save us but us, and until the Black race stops clinging onto the corrupted versions of their own ancestors' religious/spiritual philosophies forced on their enslaved forefathers by their captors, and other non-tangible, useless, man-made constructs like "tribe", "nationality" over RACE first, Black people will continue to live under threat and oppression of racist non-Black people all over this planet.  




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