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Reply to "Blacks to Herman Cain: You're on Your Own"

Quote by ER: "I mean ... I know Cain's no 'walk in the park on a Sunday afternoon' .... but, really .... I gotta ask myself ... is Cain, with an uncontrollable urge to chase down and pounce on White women like a 'dog-in-heat' really worse than an money-embezzling, home-wrecking, liar who uses public money for his own personal gain??"


According to White Republican folks? Yes.


Herman Cain is worse than embellezing, thrice married/adulterer/cheater Gingrich because (1 ) the timing of their events (2) Cain, to his sheer ignorance & arrogance while snuggled up nesting in the warm bosum of White folks, gets only ONE chance and one chance only, to mess it up, no second chances whereas Gingrich has numerous chances to mess up yet his White brethern, no matter how disgusted, will forgive him because he's a "cheating" White man who cheated with/disrespected White women (and both White men/women who forgive Gingrich, wish they could somehow cheat or get out of their marriages) and (3) Cain cheated with White women and not Black/minority women, which would have probably been a rather different response by Republicans if those 5 women he harrassed/cheated with were Black....And if Gloria Cain were White, they would have roasted his ass ESPECIALLY if he cheated on her with a Black woman.


White folk truly believe that Blacks and Whites have totally different livestyles and overall prespectives regarding how life really works and for people like Cain, I have seen my shares of "Herman Cain's" over the years who "forcefuly with much passion,  the keepers of the gate of the White castle" love the warm smothering embrace of Whites and their biggest threat?


Not White folk but Black folk who they see as "professional ladder climbers" a direct threat to their successful well being as the "one and only" Black that has gets all their overall praise, all their "country club" perks and family acceptence and because of that warm feeling of security, they don't want another Black brother or sister to ruin or interfere that for them......"I made it, I am their "one and only boy" and in order to keep it that way, I will do whatever's possible to protect myself and keep it that way.


They seldom talk to Blacks in the workplace or at corporate social events, they don't teach/mentor or want to be seen "plotting"...... 'gathered among the crowds" of Black folk at work or after work...majority of the time, skinning and grinning with White folks...And why?...because they are constantly sweating & scared to death, can't relax, walking on pin & needles hoping that White folk don't see any traces of Blackness in them....Clarance Thomas, Tiger Woods, OJ. Herman Cain and the many others throughout corporate America hoping to not be outed.


And when they come around "pretending" but actually looking for some dirt, please don't tell them anything because they will take it back and tell on you or while in the corporate board room meetings/briefings/presentations, use it against you to make you look bad so that they can get their usual "that's a good boy" pat on the head.


Look through the quarterly/semi-annual/annual company year end report publications that all corporate employees get. Photos and bios of upper level senior management....All Whites and only one Black, maybe two.......That one "Black" is Herman Cain and I will bet you that he professionally/personally saw to it (and continues to do so)  that another qualified Black male or female (probably more so than him) did not get a chance to have the opportunity or maintain that high level of corporate success.


Crabs in a barrel?


Crabs in a barrel with a bag of rat poison and a butcher knife.

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