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Reply to "Blacks and the Bill Clinton Democrat party!"

"..Why do you think that blacks are not more receptive to a republican message...?"

About a year ago, I would have answered with the statement that liberal politicians along with their willing accomplices in Big Media have been successful in demonizing any and all things conservative.

While much of that is true, I feel it really goes a lot deeper than that. One thing I have noticed is the comfort level in the black community with Democrats. Look at your major cities that have large black populations and you will find the majority of employed blacks have either government jobs or private sector jobs with big unions. Of course, Democrats run these cities and create these government jobs. Unions are almost universally in the corner of Democrats, using member paid union dues to fund campaigns.

Government jobs along with big union jobs provide the benefits, security, and retirement pensions most non union jobs cannot afford. My mother is a retired Social Security employee. My father is a retired steelworker. They will never want for anything for the rest of their lives and think Democrats are gods from heaven.

With that kind of comfort level, who's going to listen to a bunch of Republicans talking about the "evils" of an overgrown, oversized, ever-expanding big government?

"...If republicans have been better for black America, why aren't we voting to continue that...?"

Much of what I posted above, and one word....MISINFORMATION!! Far too many of us are uninformed on the issues of today. We are busy people with lives to live and we don't take the time to do any investigating. That 1992 economic census report has over 100 pages. Dan Rather on the evening news has 60 second soundbites all prepared for you to swallow. You've just put in your 8 hours plus overtime because your co-worker did not show up, you turn on the tv to see a white cop beat a black man in handcuffs, and right away you ASSume this is happening all over this country!!

Nobody seems to notice that black officers were there at the scene. Better still, none of you would dare even to put on the uniform and ride with the cops for one stinkin' night to see the kind of trash they deal with as part of their job!

I'm not justifying the beating. I DON'T KNOW THE WHOLE STORY!! I don't label every decent white cop as racist either. Saying that these kinds of incidents happen on a daily basis is just plain ignorance, and it's just the kind of voter Democrat and Republican politicians prey upon. Nothing brings in the votes like raising emotions to a fever pitch.

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