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Reply to "Black Women vs. White women:SHOSHANNA JOHNSON VS. JESSICA LYNCH!"

KOLAFANRazzosted December 17, 2003 04:02 PM December 17, 2003 04:02 PM
by Nafisa Goma
Publicist for Kola Boof

"Connie Chung humiliates Kola Boof"

Why did the Ultra-conservative

FOX NEWS confirm the Kola Boof story
instead of CNN?

During an interview with JANE magazine Kola Boof reveals several degrading experiences she's been put through by the mainstream
media...a major one involving a racial insult hurled by superstar journalist Connie Chung via a CNN producer.

Kola Boof didn't hold anything back on the tape recordings. She told JANE magazine:

Around Jan. 9th...Betsy Goldman telephoned both me and my publicist, Nafisa Goma, to book me as a guest on CNN's Connie Chung Show. They
wanted to discuss the news stories of Jan. 7th in which I had to remove my son from school because reporters thought he looked like Osama Bin Laden and tried to take his picture at the elementary school--the elementary school called the Police...and then the Police called both
> myself and the media. Worried for my son, I became violent and vicious (which I do regret), threatening to kill the reporters--so it got ugly and made the newspapers.

Connie Chung read the news reports and had Betsy Goldman contact me.

I said that "yes", I would make the t.v. appearance and told Betsy Goldman what a huge fan I was of Connie Chung. I STRESSED...that my
intention for going on the show was to explain that I did not willingly become Bin Laden's girlfriend, I was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time...and to explain that both my sons are fathered by the same wonderful black man...NOT by Osama.

The following day another producer from the show phoned me to do the pre-interview.

This producer said that Connie Chung was skeptical about my story because....according to the Producer: "Connie was wondering why a man
of Bin laden's wealth and stature would have a black woman as his permanent mistress?"

Of course, I was deeply wounded by that comment, but I explained that Somi prefers his women "infibulated" and doesn't go by color--but
genital circumcision--of which I don't know too many blue eyed trophy blonds with circumsized vaginas. Maybe they're all working over at
ESSENCE magazine.

Anyway, the Producer insisted that I bring my son on the prove that he DID NOT look anything like Bin Laden!!

I refused. I told her that I would never let my son be photographed or be on t.v. The Producer seemed disappointed that I wouldn't give
in...and then she reiterated...."Well, Ms. Chung thinks that her viewers might find it unbelievable that a man with Mr. Bin Laden's
background would have a black mistress and one raised in America at that."

Am I sure that Connie herself made the comments that were passed on to me by her producer? Of course not, but the producer obviously was
representing Connie Chung's show, because...
the following day, Betsy Goldman called me back and told me that if I wasn't willing to have my son on the show...the events of Jan. 7th 2003
being the topic of the show...then they were cancelling my booking. I said fine.

Over the next few weeks, I sent several messages directly to Connie
Chung, both in writing and by telephone, expressing my hurt feelings behind the things that her producer alleged that she said...but I have NEVER...gotten a response or an apology, so I took her silence to be embarrassement and fear of a well as "confirmation" that she said the [censored].

KOLA BOOF also said on the tape recorded interview:

"There's a name for women like Connie Chung and Julie Salaman (N.Y. Times)...not that I'd use it outside of a kennel."

Although FOX NEWS recently confirmed the "fatwa" death sentence issued against Boof's life and interviewed her at length about Osama Bin Laden (while showing stock footage of the terrorist)...many in the press had
ignored the death threats against the black womanist writer AND HER CHILDREN for more than a year...even going as so far as to call her a
liar and insinuate the she was making up stories to sell books...despite the fact that a firebombing forced Boof's books out of print and publishers in the United States.... have also received "death threats" just for receiving the manuscripts from Boof's agent.

KOLA BOOF told JANE magazine: "It's very odd to have female journalists like Natalie Danford
( writing that I don't exist...that I'm a fraud...that my story "sounds" fishy....just because spoiled American white women like her don't know a damned thing about the struggles of African women writers, about the political Jihad in the Arab world, about being a Unicef child as I was, about being in hiding, about being sexually exploited by powerful men and about come forward about Osama Bin Laden because I feared deportation from the United States and feared for my children's lives--not because I was seeking publicity."

"There's a name for women like Connie Chung and Julie Salaman (of the N.Y. Times)...not that I'd use it outside of a kennel."

"My life has been a living nightmare for two years...I have no way whatsoever of earning a living, because of the fatwa, other than to
write and promote my else will I feed my children? Am I expected to go on welfare?...and yet all these pompous, two-faced
selfish superior caucasoids in the writing community could do was cast me as "too fantastic" to be real and...and cast me and my children's reality as unimportant. I am born in Sudan, but I am an American citizen like everyone else. There is no way that a white American author, especially a woman, would be so shabbily treated and disrespected as I have been...for two years now. It is very painful
and exceedingly unfair to have reporters at the Los Angeles Times make fun of my name--Kola Boof--and ask what kind of name is that? It is
very cruel to have people say that because I am black...I must be making my entire life up...for attention!"

"Yes...I am very bitter about my experiences with arrogant, cynical journalists...who think that the lives of black women writers and their
children have no importance. No matter how much bad luck they are wishing for Kola Boof, no matter how many lies they intend to tell about me...I am born Naima...the one who is victorious. In the end, I will be redeemed. I will be victorious!"

The JANE magazine interview hits stands in February.

IN Feb. 2004....Kola Boof's 1995 Arabic novel, "Flesh and the Devil"
(translated to English by Said Musa) will be released in the United States. This LINK provides an exciting preview:

KOLA BOOF is currently featured in "Politically Inspired: Fiction for Our Time--Edited by Stephen Elliott" (MacAdam/Cage), an anthology of All New short stories featuring Z.Z. Packer, Anthony Swofford, Stewart O'Nan, Charles Baxter, Kola Boof, David Rees and Stephen Elliott. All proceeds from the sale of the book go to the OXFAM Children's Relief help starving children in Africa and Iraq. The book also has its own web site where you can read more about Kola Boof's contribution:

FOX NEWS Transcript:

Rita Cosby interviews Kola Boof

August 23, 2003 Saturday

Transcript # 082305cb.262

Fox News Network

SECTION: News; International

LENGTH: 749 words

Fox News August 23, 2003

HEADLINE: Interview With Kola Boof

GUESTS: Kola Boof

BYLINE: Rita Cosby

BODY: COSBY: Our next guest is a poet, author, and activist. She is also, get this, the former mistress of Osama bin Laden, calling him a billionaire gangbanger.

Kola Boof was kept under lock and key by bin Laden until he was, quote, tired of her and met another woman and she was able to escape to the west.

Now in America, Kola still fears for her life.

Her home country of Sudan has issued an fatwa, an edict for her death. And bin Laden told her he would like to kill her himself. She recently told her story to "Black Book" magazine. And Kola joins us now from an undisclosed location to talk about one of the most wanted terrorists in the world.

Kola, thank you very much for being here. You have had an astounding life.

And I want to first ask you, when you met Osama bin Laden -- I was reading that you met him in 1996 at a restaurant in Morocco. What did you think of him?

Fox News August 23, 2003

KOLA BOOF, BIN LADEN'S FORMER MISTRESS: I was very frightened of him. And
-- he's very tall. He's like 6 foot 6, you know, and his men came up to the date that I had and they told him to leave, and I was very terrified. I mean, he's a very terrifying man, but at the same time, back in 1996, he was very
good looking, you know. He was -- there was an erotic charge but at the same time I was very frightened because I liked the guy that I was dating.

COSBY: And you were so frightened you ran back to your hotel room but he followed you. Tell us what happened?

BOOF: Yes. He raped me that night, the first night that I met him. Yes. It was very terrible.

COSBY: But then after that you became his mistress. Was that out of fear?

BOOF: Well, yes. Also because of the climate of where we lived. I mean this is in Morocco. And so I can't just get up and run away. You know,
there's nothing -- woman are not protected. And so he -- his men took me to Lamasan Arap (ph) which is in Stone Wall City, Koda'a Medina. And there's no way out on foot.

And you know, he has guards. And you know, women don't have rights.

COSBY: When you talked about him being sort of an animal, did he have many mistresses? Would he go out on a date or would he want to be intimate with you?

BOOF: You know, Americans really don't understand what it's like over there so I am going to just -- you know, we don't have a lot of time, so I am going to just say that, you know, he's charming but at the same time there's not a lot of respect for a woman's rights or what you are interested in or what you
want. You know, also added to that is in that country he's considered white and I
am considered black. And so it was -- you know, Rita, it was just very, very terrifying for me. Also I am a very intelligent woman so I thought,
well, I am going to make him fall in love with me, and that wasn't going to happen.

COSBY: Did he ever talk about his very extreme fundamentalist views, his hatred toward America?

BOOF: Well, of course. Of course he did. But you have to remember, I am born in Andaman, Sudan, and so I am completely surrounded by that kind of mentality anyway. We have slavery in my country. Many people have been murdered
in front of me. I have seen slaves chained up to the back of houses by Arabs. I am half Arab. I was raised to hate America. I was taught in school, you know how you go to elementary school? On a daily basis they would teach us kids how to hate the American people and ...

COSBY: But he was obviously so extreme. I mean to the point, look, he masterminded the attacks on American soil. Did you see that there was
this obviously extreme capability about him and also a charisma to guide people to do this horrible act?

BOOF: Yes, there was. He's a very brilliant man. Some of the most brilliant poetry I have ever read was written by Sami, who's Osama. But, he is a brilliant man. He is -- like me, he was passionate, but he's a very violent man.
He's like Hitler in a way, you know, it's who I would compare him to. And then it's like being the Ike Turner and Hitler combined. It was a very bad relationship. And he is a very passionate person who really believes that what he is doing is right.

And it's very evil, though. For instance, he told me that he didn't want me to have tits.

BOOF:What did he say?

COSBY: We have got to wrap up, because we are going to a hard commercial break, but I definitely want to have you back on again, Kola. It is fascinating, and I am glad you escaped from him.

COSBY: Thank you. We will be right back.



posted December 23, 2003 01:15 PM December 23, 2003 01:15 PM
Originally posted by kolafan:
The islamic world has already issued FATWA(a death sentence) on her, and she is STILL fighting.

i pray to God that it doesn't go through. I have the UTMOST respect for this lady. She is my idle. she is TRUELY a queen and an authentic WARRIOR in EVERY sense of the word. To top all of that, she is a talented writer and actress. If she idies, it will truely be a great loss to humanity. there are FEW people that can match her in any way, shape or form. Angela davis, Sonia sanchez, and sista Soljah can't come within a mile of her.

and what really irks the HELL out of me me is that the US media keeps issues concenring kola boof so hidden that few people in america know about her. A lot of folks from africa know her though. She intimidates the HELL out of the US and those who participate in the evils that are carried out in the sudan.

Hi Kolafan nice to meet you, great info. you put forth. Of course don't be surprised if the moron colored boy white worshipping filth accuse you of being me, for speaking this dynamite truth.

Still, let me say, that's just that demonic nature in whites that makes them look down on a black queen. They are the seed of Satan along with all who want to hurt this woman.

Connie Chung is white bred in ideology so it stands to reason she would behave as her white trainers. I will pray for Kola. She's tough and strong as black women have to be in this racist bred world. Hats off to her!


The 'denial' and 'disrespect' hurled her way by whites is what they do with regard to IR dating in general. That is, they love to show the world stupid colored boys fawning all over their white she-seeds, but you will rarely see pictures of white men of prominence with black women.

In fact, one of the top neurological specialists in the world is married to a African/American woman. I can't think of her name right now, but he is rarely seen photographed with her, versus grinning colored boys with white gals who are seen at all times.

Even Robert Deniro the great actor is rarely photographed with (I'm lousy with names) but the famed black woman who he had a child with.

Still, BLACK TRUTHFUL history taught us righteous blacks that practically every one of the famed white empowered males from George Washington, Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, to that 100 yr. old, recent dead relic Strom Thurmond, all PREFERRED the black woman over their white she-mates and it is their white she-mates who can't handle the truth so white powerful males married to and/or dating black women are rarely seen.

This is why we must break all white rule off of us as a people as those satanic beings are avowed enemies who must be put underfoot.


Anyway, if you don't mind, I'm going to put this post under 'black women vs. white women' as it is more proof of the white demonism we must ever resist.

Again, great, great information.

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