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Reply to "Black Women vs. White women:SHOSHANNA JOHNSON VS. JESSICA LYNCH!"

Originally posted by no:
Originally posted by EgbertSouse:
If you can't register your name properly AND think that Prophetess is anything other than a complete online BS artist, then you're too dumb to be on this site. Try the Sesame Street web board.

^^ There is know need to be rude a**hole. Why don't you take your a** to the Sesame Street web board. Stupid F*CK!!

Sounds like yo mammy didn't teach you any manners.

Hello No, good to meet yet another 'rare on this site' intelligent person. Thanks for the props. Having put forth the truth I had moved on spreading the word of Truth as is other black women all over the net.

You know No, I understand about the mix-up in names, I actually hate computers and all the tech-mess, the only good thing about it is that we get to spread the word of truth that the captive may go free.

Now, let me first say, EGBERT SOUSE?!! What type of devil is this that popped up? I've never spoken to a "Ignant Louse" such as this white abominable seed of satan.

However that this filth shows up INFERRING that "iT" knows ME and what I'm about just goes to prove I was right when I came over here and told blacks that "white demon seeds literally are staked out on all these black sites."

In fact, since this ilk is STUPID ENOUGH to infer that it personally knows what I'm about, explain to blacks how? I don't go on white sites. I've never seen this demon name on this site before. Is this parasite attached to all black sites? I've never seen his name on the other black sites I visit.

The fact is, parasites like this, not only show their stupidity but they show blacks with 'eyes to see and ears to hear' the power of the MESSAGE BOARDS. They fear Black message boards as they know blacks have a powerful tool able in which to communicate and put forth TRUTH which is their enemy.

I do thank the power of truth for flushing out this germ LOUSE as "It's" very declaration is proof that I was RIGHT about the power and importance of the MESSAGE BOARD FORUM.

Blacks keep speaking the TRUTH for as LOUSE has shown you it burns the enemy asunder. TRUTH is what I put forth and the reality is, the idiotic demon seed has lost by reason of TRUTH being out there and that I put it out there is the victory itself that stupid just isn't able to comprehend.

Annnnnyhoo, nice meeting you NO, and let all blacks of TRUTH keep putting forth the knowledge for as LOUSE has proven, it works, it really works, the blind, deaf and dumb, idiot!