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Reply to "Black Women vs. White women:SHOSHANNA JOHNSON VS. JESSICA LYNCH!"

Originally posted by thelawofMAAT:
Good posts Prophetessofrage,

i remember hearing that white women were the ones who started the rumor of the mammy in order to keep their whites husbands from prersuing black slave women. Is this true?

Hi again LawofMaat, Thanks for the props. I don't know where the specific article is located but I read that truth as well.

In the post above entitled, "Throughout western history, have white women been the primary agents of oppression? by Bill McDonald, we see WHITE IN-HOUSE FIGHTING AND POINTING THE FINGER as the author speaks thus:"Just look at history. The strict Victorian middle class moral code was imposed by women on both sexes. That code was designed to protect women's social power which comes from controlling male access to sex. Never mind that women could not vote and held no political office. They could still induce male politicians to enact laws or support customs which protected women's power and control over the social agenda.

That Victorian agenda had enormous social and political consequences later on. Consider racism as illustrated in India during the British Raj. Before the memsahibs (Victorian British women) began arriving in numbers after about 1840, British men generally treated Indians as social equals. They consorted with Indian women and often took them as wives. They regularly invited Indians into their homes.

Once the memsahibs arrived, however, male social openness came to a screeching halt. It was just too threatening to British women. They did not want to compete sexually with Indian women unencumbered by the Victorian moral code. Mostly Protestants, the memsahibs were potentially vulnerable to divorce. Accordingly, they quickly managed to impose a code which branded all Indian nationals, of both sexes, as social inferiors and banned them from all British social functions. Likewise, the memsahibs banned British men who had Indian wives or openly consorted with Indian women. They saw to it that these outcasts were also ostracized from British men's clubs or other all male social functions. Such men had virtually to "go native" where they posed no "role model" threat. A 150 years tradition of social equality practiced by British men went out the window. That memsahib social code soon became the standard throughout the British empire.

In the American slave-holding South, something similar happened much earlier. It would have been terribly threatening for white women if slave-holding men could fall in love with, then free, and later marry their former slaves who would then have rights of inheritance and such. So the white women quickly put a stop to that. The tactics were the same as the memsahib's. They branded black slaves as social inferiors, even subhuman, and then ostracized white men who openly consorted with them. The ethic remained in effect long after the North freed the slaves and we are still coping with its aftermath."

So when their own white males gets to spilling the beans on them, we see, it is a fact, that it was this batch of em' who did do this evil
with regard to black, brown, yellow, red women.


As for ES, both look like SOLDIERS and both should have been EQUALLY honored as SOLDIERS as both of their lives were at risk on behalf of the U.S..

But you do well, to show the mind of the caucasoid as 'discriminating' as well as 'unable to comprehend' the depth of insanity that is about them. Your disposition is just more proof that blacks need to remove 100% white rule off of us. Thanks for so verifying it.