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Black Women vs. White women

Shoshana Johnson and Jessica Lynch were just given the 'women of the year' award. Shoshanna seemingly thrown in as an after thought in light of the white racist media's frenzy over Jessica, versus their cruelty towards Shoshanna. Remember that front page photo that they never would have done to crippled Jessica? That though minute in comparison to their on-going racism was the ultimate insult and the perfect example of the 'dividing line' with regard to black women versus white women in so-called 'just and fair' white America's eyes.

The entire treatment of the 2 women shows the demonic madness within the women of the diabolical white race. (Note:Whites can be divided up into 2 groups caucasian people of goodwill, versus the diabolical white race which consists of those who are bred in, and act on, the what the Bible would call 'demonic spirit' of white racism which consists of arrogance, lies, hate, DECEIT, ignorance, killing, stealing, destroying.)

Jessica has been offered millions, had a ticker tape parade, and is fawned over in the media while we have to search long and hard to find out about what Shoshanna's doing. Now, I'm not like some who protest the madness on what 'should have been equal celebration of both Shoshanna and Jessica' in that Blacks could and should throw our own ticker tape parade, offer her guest spots on TV shows, and in videos, (well the few decent ones) instead of waiting for white demonism to be less demonic in its blatant racist/bias expression as we see from the different treatment, they will not.

This is why it is an abomination for colored boy ilk to fight for this ilk to have the same 100% un-restrained power over blacks as they had in segregation. And Black women, spelling out the twisted so and so's disposition it amounts to, LET WHITE WOMEN HAVE RULE, FAVOR, PREFERENCE OVER WE BLACK WOMEN!


At any rate, the awarding of Shoshanna and Jessica as 'women of the year' is not the only thing that sparked this another FYI post, but some white women commentary on of all things their 'doped up, son' Rush Limbaugh. Out of support of our beloved together sister Star Jones I watch "The View." The day following Rush the drug addict's voluntary admittance into a insane asylum Star called him just what he was a JUNKIE whereas her co-hosts Meridith Vierra tried to play it down and actually had the gall to utter in his defense, 'he should be a little less prejudice.'

Let's examine that statement. What does that say about that type of white women? It says, they coddle, nurture, the demonism in their white offlings, sons, fathers, brothers, and when their white offlings are shown up for the monstrosity, deceiver, hypocritical dope fiends that they are, they are 'suckled and pacified' by the white woman who nurtures them in their mad state.

"A little less prejudice?!" So they admittedly KNOW it is PREJUDICE and they BLESS IT. They know it is EVIL and they 'coddle, relish and defend it.' They KNOW it is an ABOMINATION and they 'NEVER SAY A WORD AGAINST IT UNTIL IT IS SHOWN UP FOR WHAT IT IS! Such a mindset in such women uphold the demonic spirit of white racism that their male beings spew and that, in the name of Jesus.

See then 'she' is the enemy as much as her demon spawn. She is as goofy, deceitful, wicked, filthy as he is. Look at goofy Ann Coulter she is an open avowed racist whose book makes the best seller lists. Did she teach Rush the statement he made to a black man caller on his radio program, 'get the bone out of your nose?' Did she complain then? No, only when her demon spawn is caught being the decietful, hate-filled, doper that he calls 'Christ-like', does the white woman jump up and that, to dilute and defend the white male in his madness.

Now let's examine the issues with regard to her. Affirmative Action let the white woman into the white male dominated work world that her white mate kept her locked out of. In other words, she had to make use of the BLACK POWER AFFIRMATIVE ACTION BILL to even enter into the work world as her mate was abusive to her and locked her out. So she prospered from BLACK RESISTANCE just like the few blacks that got in the door prospered. In fact, all stats show the white woman 'DISCRIMINATELY' prospered moreso from Affirmative Action than all other people of color who also prospered from it, be they, red, yellow, brown. BLACK RESISTANCE aka CIVIL RIGHTS LAW, AFFIRMATIVE ACTION, VOTING RIGHTS is the GREAT EQUALIZER! The Black's collective legalized 'JOHN HANCOCK' written into American law that made life better for black, brown, yellow, red, and white women, and it would do ALL well to remember this TRUTH that white males and their colored trained ones 'CAST TO THE GROUND' (Daniel 8:12,23-25; 9:26).

It almost goes without saying, that the point being made is, BLACKS MADE AMERICA MULTICULTURAL AND FAIR, to a degree not WHITE MALES who complain about being 'POLITICAL CORRECT/MULTICULTURAL' so showing their nature remains 'RACIST AND DEMONIC' to find fault in implementing 'politcal correctness,' 'cultural sensitivity,' and every other FAIR AND JUST ACT that they and their colored proselytes HATE AND COMPLAIN ABOUT.

Mind you, this WHITE MALE/FEMALE ilk COMPLAINS while still retaining 100% rule and reign over the resources of the U.S.. 100% white male control over the resources of Africa of which they use to run their white nations. 100% controll of the tax dollar, the hiring and firing in corporate America, the OILWELLS OF IRAQ, etc., etc. if you get my drift. The fact is, they had and continue to hold everyone down with their power and evil, one of which is complaining about the very laws and bills that forced them to do right. Well that, and taking advantage of the simpleminded aka their colored trained ones. But I digress.

Now granted, Caucasian men and women joined in with Black Resistance and their white so-called 'Christian' brothers beat, violated and killed them just like they did to Blacks for our over 400 year sojourn with the Caucasoids. Still, the sufferage was mainly ours as a collective people and we've got the countless number of dead bodies to prove it.

Now as such is the case, we see that the white female of the diabolical white race is not only arrogantly puffed up with deceit, and a murderous, wicked heart, but she is stupidly puffed up with deceit and a murderous, wicked heart. She got in the work world because of blacks that she has the gall to look down on.

Remember now, we black women know a lot more about them than they could ever know about us as our ancestors lived among them and watched them partake of the same ghoulish, demonic spirit of racism as their mate did. Oppressed themselves, they gleefully oppressed black women. They were very jealous of their he-mate demon fiend RAPE of the countless black women that were raped and so brought forth our mulatto and fair-skinned children's existance.

We know of their savage barbarity the white female was capable of exacting on enslaved black humanity. Not only did she beat and KILL the mulatto born children of her cheatin ass, filthy, abominable white he-mate, but she tortured many a black child in her midst and was quite lewd and lascivious with the slaveboys. We all know the TRUTHFUL horrid stories surrounding the white mistress enslaver's demonic nature and conduct.

The point being, she is a not focused on evil in this white male hate and rule over black humanity. Well, what I mean is, she's not focused on and addressed enough for her WILL TO KEEP BLACK WOMEN UNDER HER CLAW whereas she is fawned over by her colored boy monstrosities who are fit to serve her in hell where they both belong.

As well, the split is seen in WOMANISM vs. FEMINISM and all that entails. Rather than elaborate, I'll just put the link of postings that spell out the differences in philosophy between Black women of Truth and white women of the diabolical white race.

The bottom line is her conduct is as abhorrent, savage, wicked as his. She is actually arrogant, blind, and stupid enough to become a live exhibit in as much as such a one would arrogantly come up in a Black woman's site, and denounce Black TRUTH addressed solely to black women and think that a black woman, or girl, and maybe a righteous black man, wouldn't see her as the arrogant, stupid, incredibly stupid, blind, deaf, and dumb true to form fool who colored boys would fight to let have 100% UN-RESTRAINED RULE AND REIGN OVER BLACK WOMEN!

Of course, let the record proclaim such a 'she-ra' would be so full of arrogance as to dare to be bold enough to burst into a black woman's site, and denounce ALL BLACK TRUTH while praising white lies as if they are the truth and as if Black women looking in, aren't disrespected and oh so, black woman-like want to strangle such a fool. The only lesser fool would be a colored gal proselyte a rotin' or altogether stupid, cowardly, dunce of a white or white/like girl to stupid to know what an absolute EDUCATED imbecilic fool she know what I mean, black women? Wink

How right does such a one prove the Bible when it says, 'how foolish it is to educate one who has no HEART for the TRUTH' (Prov. 24:2 PP).

I could go on and on, but you are wise, and you get the drift. I'll just say, ponder these matters in your heart black women, begin to voice the truth, speak the truth, murmur the truth, write the truth, until a choir is singing, shouting the truth enough to shake HEAVEN AND EARTH.

Oh, and one final thought, like I said, in the Black Calafia post, 'What a fool, what a tool' a live exhibition that God gave us to go along with posting TRUTHS so Black girls coming in now and in the future can be enlightened and set free!

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