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Reply to "Black Women Share Their Stories About White Feminists Excluding Them From The Feminist Movement"

@Kocolicious posted:

  All I know is.... white women NEVER cared about Black women.  They used to kill our babies cuz of their nasty ass husband would rape us....sometimes right in front of them.  During the Women's Suffage….white whores used Frederick Douglas, Sojourn Truth and Harriet Tubman to promote their cause and promised that they would continue to help us get the right to vote....once them whores got what they wanted?  They dropped us like a hot potato.  All through the Reconstruction and Jim Crow they NEVER said a word....and participated in the cruelty and mistreatment of Black folks.  White feminists are just white women who don't have nothing to do.  They don't raise their kids....their nannies do [they replaced the Black mammy].  They live in plastic surgery.  And always complainin.  Fock them.  We don't need them.  Black women have always been change agents.....every since and before Ida B. Wells.....  White women are nothing but whores.  Look in their history,  Ha!  They don't have one other than lying on their backs waiting for a husband to take care of them.  And Affirmative Action?  They took that from our Black men.  So them heifers, like Michael Jackson say, don't give a fock about us.  Bottom line.  But!


I know that just as much racism inflicted upon Black people in this country was concocted and inflicted by White women as there was/is by White men.

However, during the Women's Right Movement, which coincided with the Civil Rights Movement, ALL women, or women of ALL races were fighting for the same things, regardless to or in spite of their race, class or racial perspective.  

And, yes, many White women, after gaining concessions in the workplace, education, wages and promotions, did soon forget that they [White women] were not the only women in the trenches for Women's Rights.

But, at the same time, there were many that did not forget, and stayed in those trenches helping non-White women who were being left behind.

Sometimes people just do the RIGHT thing, merely because it's the right thing to do, or merely because of the type of person they are, and sometimes those people are White.

The Women's Rights Movement was not unlike ALL 'movements'/revolutions, in that you had some women with an all-for-one, one-for-all perspective, some with an all for herself and what she could get out of it angle, some with an all for her race only thought process, and some with intentions on destroying the movement all together.