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Reply to "Black Women Share Their Stories About White Feminists Excluding Them From The Feminist Movement"


fem-uh-nin ]


noun Grammar.

the feminine gender.
a noun or other element in or marking that gender.

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During the Women's Rights Movement, male-chauvinist pigs, in an effort to make women turn away from the Women's Rights [Feminist] Movement, churned out an enormous amount of Propaganda to try and paint Liberated women and women who fought for women's rights, as either gay or unfeminine.
How do you get 'lesbian' out of "We want equal pay for equal work"? Ending the mythology that men "owned" their women/wives/girlfriends? Demanding an end to domestic violence against women inflicted by their men with impunity? Not discriminating against women in education, training or in the workplace when it came to wages, raises and promotions? Desiring for there to be more women in politics, in local and state government, in Congress, on the Supreme Court? Ending ignorance like blaming victims of rape for being raped? Ending discrimination against women in certain, or any professions normally predominately held by men.  Etc., etc., etc.
It actually worked on some women, but the vast majority of women fought back against that blanket stereotype they were trying to ferment to put wedges between the women in the Women's Rights Movement, and between women in general [i.e., DIVIDE AND CONQUER; DIVIDE AND RULE].
Luckily, women just stampeded over that false propaganda and continued on with their fight for equality and justice for women.
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