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Reply to "Black Voting Rights Under Attack"

You're kidding.. you link A to B, B to D, D to F, F to C, C to E, and E to G.. and all of a sudden now A is out to get G.. Give me a break.

THE HORRIBLE RACISTS ARE OUT TO GET YOU!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAH!!!! It's a friggin' oversight, there's no way that someone can go completely through every single name of some tens or hundreds of thousands of voters to make sure they're not a criminal. They took a quick way out and it didn't work out correctly. So they OBVIOUSLY must be racist.

*(#@% you and your damn race card already. Every time something happens that you don't like and that could be remotely considered racist, out it comes.. "THEY'RE BEING RACIST AGAINST US!!!" I'm sick of idiots like you who pull that crap. You're tearing this country apart, pitting whites against blacks, blacks against hispanics, hispanics against whites, asians against blacks.. whatever you can to suit your agenda.

And on another note.. why do African Americans vote mostly democrat? As a race I see absolutely no benefit for African Americans to vote Democrat.

92% of Republicans supported Civil Rights, 62% of democrats.
Abraham Lincoln (republican) chose to free the slaves, and had plans to give reparations to freed slaves IMMEDIATELY, to try to make some sort of fair chance from the start. Democrats wouldn't allow it.
Democrats believe in Affirmative Action, which basically states that blacks and other minorities aren't smart enough to study hard during school and get good grades (the best way to learn is self-teaching), or at least learn basics from their parents, or even at worst to seek out someone (there's plenty of private organizations such as Churches) to tutor them if the school REALLY isn't doing the job right. So instead Affirmative Action tells people that they're not good enough on their own, that they need a little boost. Democrats support that. Republicans oppose it because they seek to provide unequal results through equal opportunity. Republicans seek to enforce the laws that are in place on discrimination, discouraging the idiots who discriminate against people from doing so, and not penalizing those who actually obey the law and are fair to all people.

I could go on and on, but you get the point. African Americans are just as capable as anyone else to make something of themselves, but in the opinion of Clarence Mason Weaver (in his words, "a black man"), "The black culture that has come to exist in America is what is keeping blacks down in this country. Black kids excel in schools and they are made fun of for doing so. They're ridiculed and threatened by people that don't matter to them (their so-called "friends", real friends (such as family) wouldn't do that, and their family usually supports them) and they say that if they do well they're betraying their race and their people, and they're being like whitey if they do that, or if they go out on their own). Just like slaves who warned others that "If they leave the plantation, they're going to get killed, to stay there, master takes care of them, and they're betraying the other slaves if they leave". Some were even put in charge by the slave owner to report on any other slaves thinking of escaping, and they were given priveledge in return for their (true) betrayal to the other slaves. He would petition the master for better treatment, and make sure slaves weren't treated unfairly, but would rat on the ones who sought to escape. Jesse Jackson plays this role today, which side of the political fence does he sit on?

Democrats are equivalent to the slave owners. They'll take care of us, don't you worry, just like master took care of the slaves. Republicans are equivalent to Harriet Tubman, seeking out individual PRISONERS (not slaves, slaves don't want to leave the plantation) and bringing them to freedom where they fend for themselves and become successful. Harriet Tubman didn't take whole lumps of people just to say she freed a large number of slaves, she only went to those whom she knew wanted to be free. Those are the only ones who will be able to benefit from their assistance. Democrats just take a blanket and think it'll solve all the problems.

Evil can only triumph when good men do nothing.