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Reply to "Black Unity: Moving Beyond The RHETORIC"

How do African Americans create a "unity paradigm" that works for the highly stratified "black diaspora?"---Nmaginate

The group I am referencing is that group that is of unknown African ancestry.

That group may be expanded to include any other person of African ancestry who a citizen of, or resident in, the United States.

And I guess I should add all those involved should be speaking to the best needs for African America, as indicated in your initial phrase of the quote. Having said that...

A 'unity paradigm' has to be understood to not require unanimity. Major socio-political change is historically proven to need only a lesser percentage of the overall population to be successful. Witness the Civil Rights Movement, although its success has not yet been completed.

The simple answer to how to move beyond the rhetoric is going to be to make an aggregate out of many positive actions, some large, some small.

Ultimately agreeing among those who otherwise might disagree is the path to concensus, unity.


Jim Chester