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Reply to "Black Unity: Moving Beyond The RHETORIC"

Dis-unity is the primary reason for Blacks being the lowest on the totem pole...
I don't agree with that and the term "UNITY" gets more vague with every use.

Dis-unity would seem to be a function of our situation. So, I see that idea as one suggesting False Causation.

The central question is:
How do African Americans create a "unity paradigm" that works for the highly stratified "black diaspora?"

To merely say "We are not unified and that's what causes or allows our problems to continue" doesn't answer the important question here. Neither does it say what Unity Is and What Unity Looks Like.

What the hell is a "decision to be unified"?
What type of decision would or rather could that be? To be unified about what in particular?

Like I said, the term UNITY is more and more vague with every use. How can a defined UNITY come from an idea that's so vague and hardly ventures to be specific about anything?

There's been plenty of WE NEED TO [Be Unified] but way too like HOW DO WE [Become/Act Unified]. The latter is definitely much more specific, real and responsible. The former is little more than RHETORIC, as the author suggested.

IMO, saying the former is really useless. It doesn't even begin to help us to be UNIFIED. Addressing the latter does, specifically because it establishes a process for "making a concious decision to be unified" and a considers an actual structure or set of arrangements by which we can "literally act on that decision."