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Reply to "Black Twitter Outraged That Attorney Dubs White Woman ‘Most Innocent Victim’ of Police Violence"

Norland posted:

Why do we volunteer to fight for a country that calls us NIGGERS and shoots and kills us at the drop of a dime? When it gets down to it, who, literally are the dummies in this joint? We've been dying for and by these bastards forever and a damn day. If the shoe was on the other foot, they'd kill us all before they'd go to war for us. Of that, you can be SURE.


When I was young, that certainly was how I saw it, considering all of the racism that Black people had to wade through and maneuver around on a daily basis in this racist country.

I eventually resigned myself to the fact or probablity that Black soldiers were fighting for Black Americans and non-racist White and other race Americans.  

Of course, the truth is, that the military usually gets recruits, especially in high numbers, when the economy is doing bad and jobs are scarce, which means that 8 out of 10 recruits are only there for the pay and benefits, while praying that they will survive and the economy will be turned around by the time their enlistment is up.

But, as it stands today more than ever before in history, NO American soldiers are fighting for ANY American people, or for Democracy, or for ANYONE's Freedom, or for the security of our nation.

Today's American soldiers are fighting for CORPORATIONS, STOCK HOLDERS, and INVESTORS that are using America's military [and therefore American soldiers] to invade other nations and steal their lucrative natural resources and/or set up puppet governments with puppet presidents/leaders to oversee Western FLEECING of under-developed and/or less powerful countries' natural resources

Americans' indifference, or political disconnect, or ignorance, or living in denial, has cause them to sat idly by all these decades and allowed our politicians to collude with CORPORATIONS and a chosen few of the 1% and turn our military into what is no more than an international, global, GANG; an international, global, GANG that does the bidding of CORPORATIONS, INVESTORS, and a chosen few of the 1%.


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