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Reply to "Black support for Bush drops to two percent"

Interesting - three of the many FUNDAMENTALISTS on this board when presented with a challenge that thwarts a central talking point to their flawed theories - they choose to ATTACK ME rather than going forth and proving me wrong.

I see how the game works.

I sleep comfortably knowing that even though you all can claim a POPULAR mandate in Black America you will never, never, never accept responsibility for the lack of change within Black America with the spotlight being focused on your ideology and how it is NEVER going to lead our people toward the "Promised Land".

Do you really believe that I hold out hope that I will one day get your approval if I simply do a spell check on my posts or hand my ideas off to a professional writer to tighten it up a bit?

It is the content of my posts that is like salt on a snails back to you. Many of you don't like being questioned or challenged. There a so many false tales that spread like wildfire around the Black community. Though many who know better know they are lies - they allow them to continue because in the end it serves their own purpose.

It is my contention that only a shift to a focus on RESULTS and away from POPULARITY will allow the average Black community in America to prosper. Such a shift STRIPS the slick elocutioner of the power that he has on the stage and forces him to show evidence of his words by real world measure.

I have a large stockpile of salt to pour on you all's backs - hoping that by reminding you of the truth that you will begin to shift from an attack based ideology to a management based ideology. For some of you will not change and will have to be PUSHED THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY by a groundswell of new thought that comes from the grassroots as Black people tire of your tired talk that has produced so few results WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY rather than just having WHITE FOLKS to stop doing things to injure Black people. Conceptually the most evident way to show your theories for what they are is to imagine them in play IF THE WHITE FOLKS WERE TO LEAVE YOU AND THERE WOULD BE NO ACTIVE RACISM FOR YOU TO BASE 90% OF YOUR EFFORTS UPON. We see this in the majority Black cities of Detroit, Camden, Newark, East St Louis, Benton Harbor and others.

But you see for many of you YOU JUST INTERPRETED THIS LAST SENTENCE AS AN "ATTACK ON BLACK PEOPLE" rather than an "ATTACK ON THE CURRENT POPULAR MINDSET THAT BLACK PEOPLE HAVE BEEN CONDITIONED TO BELIEVE". I base my views on the strong knowlege that BLACK PEOPLE CAN CHANGE. In your agenda against me you must have me to be made to say that "Black people are permanently inferior" and thus you have grounds to dismiss me. A LIAR YOU ARE.

If I believed that Blacks were inferior then I am inferior because I am Black. A foolish attack that does not stand to reason.

Once again - PROVE TO ME THAT THE WAY THAT YOU THINK HAS BENEFITED BLACK PEOPLE INSIDE OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY where we must deal with each other one on one and not just in the struggle with White folks. There are far more daily interactions between Black people on a daily basis than between Black and White.

Sadly though - these Black on Black engagements, the portion of which are debilitating to us (ie: crime or the use of the N word) aren't popular issues to advocate against since you might "step on someone's toes" having to tell them about theirselves. One is sure to get attacked in doing so.

I have to conclude that many of you are not content with your current circumstances BUT not discontent enough to fundamentally change your ways. Anger and protests are about the only means that you know how to accomplish change. Methods that take longer and that require more discipline such as MANAGEMENT of your internal resources are something that you have no knowledge of.