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Reply to "Black support for Bush drops to two percent"

has cut the funding of every social program every created to help Black people


Education Spending UP - at least 49% above any budget that Clinton Ever produced.

Even the fabled "20th Century Education Fund" that my friend Kevin attempted to pull a fast one on the other day - started out with $183(?) million in funding under Clinton. Is budgeted to have $991 million in 2006.

Please detail the social spending that has BEEN CUT? You will be able to find INDIVIDUAL PROGRAMS that you may have favored that have been cut. You cannot find an over all trend of SLASHING AND BURNING of social programs.

Bush can best be termed the "Tax Cut and Spending Like A Drunken Sailor President".

It is simply amazing to me how the new TALKING POINT has shifted from "the amount of spending that you produce 'shows your love'" over to 'The amount that you have PROMISED TO SPEND yet have fallen short of IS GROUNDS FOR ATTACK, regardless of if you have spent more money than the 'president who we loved'"

Again PROVE YOUR POINT about the slashing of social programs. IT AIN'T SO.