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Reply to "Black support for Bush drops to two percent"

I suppose that's why 99% of the Dixiecrats are now card-carrying conservative republicans.

First Isome - you have no basis for this claim one way or the other. There are plenty of "Dixiecrats" who died as Democrats. On the grounds of the state capital of Georgia the largest statue is that of Senator Richard B. Russell. Russell never voted for a single piece of Civil Rights legislation in his entire career. As you walk around and look at other figures you see a long list of Democrat govenors and legislators who's actions produced hell for Black people.

Despite the notion that business who conducted actions against Black people in the past should be held accountable today for their "institutional misdeeds" THE SAME IS NOT THE CASE FOR THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY, an entity that has been in existence since slavery.

I have to question why it is so important to you to have the "Dixiecrats" having moved outside of the Democratic Party as a basis for your support of the Democratic Party? You sound like a Black lady who was an office holder in Ohio when she said "The Democratic Party has ALWAYS supported human rights and civil liberities". We both know that this is a LIE. People laking proper historical context will fail to make note of this.

I see that you once again forward the old tale about Reagan going to Philadelphia MS to kick off his campaign with a symbolic gesture to his racist base. Do you ever notice that people like you who you learned this from CAN NEVER PRODUCE THE TEXT OF ANY SPEECH THAT HE MADE WHILE THERE WHICH SUBSTANTIATES YOUR CLAIM OF RACISM?. I have produced the speech for all to see. Since you don't have EVIDENCE you are forced to resort to the "symbolism claim". In fact if this is your basis then you have to explain to me why several Democratic Candidates have gone to the same NESHOBA COUNTY FAIR that Reagan spoke at. This is a common practice for politicians to attend and make political speeches.


It seems to me that we as Black People should shift our focus AWAY FROM what "Black people stand opposed to" (ie: Bush) and start to inspect WHAT BLACK PEOPLE SUPPORT - CORRELATING THIS TO THE CURRENT STATE OF TOO MANY OF OUR PEOPLE. It seems to me that whatever this POPULAR MANDATE IS it is NOT WORKING for our interests. Please like YOU will have us to EAT MORE OF WHAT HAS BEEN SERVED.