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Reply to "Black People - Wealthy White Folks' Best Friends"

'...if America didn't have black folks here they would have had to import us just for the societal purpose of difusing the class tension that capitalism creates. In fact, I think that this is our greatest contribution to America, even beyond what our ancestors contributed through slavery.---MBM

That's a massive trade off.

Without us, they'd have some real shit on their hands and capitalism as we know it today would probably not exist.---MBM

That is what is real.

African American-Americans are the linchpin of every major societal issue in America.

Societal issues: Yes

Political issue: Yes

Economic issues; Yes

African America is the best (ally) of every facet of European America.

African America is an absolutely critical ingredient to not only the construction, but the very existence of the United States of America.

Without us there would be no America.

That is why we are repressed at every turn.

The significance of our presence cannot be tolerated.


Jim Chester