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Black People - Wealthy White Folks' Best Friends

While black folks are the source of still considerable racism and prejudice in America, in reality, we are the wealthy's absolute best friends. The rich in America really do (or should) LOVE black folks, and here's why. Without us, they'd have some real shit on their hands and capitalism as we know it today would probably not exist.

I'm sure you're saying "MBM - what the f*#k are you talking about?"

Black folks represent the easiest and best scapegoat that poor and working class white folks have over frustrations regarding their lot on life. Who does that benefit? Yep - rich white folks who are exploiting their own poor and are the true source of much of their angst.

Capitalism, as it is practced here today, is largely about blind, ravenous greed: a compulsion to make more money above just about all other objectives. In this quest, naturally, the little people get "taken". As the greatest number of "little people" in the country are white - they bear the brunt of a disproportionate serving of exploitation at the hands of rich folks. We need look no further than the current Iraq War to see this in crystal clear action. Poor and working class Americans sacrifice their lives and limbs while Haliburton and Bechtel et al make billions and billions! Black folks serve an extremely important role in this because if there were no black folks for the exploited whites to blame for their position in life - then they would point the finger where it naturally belongs: at the wealthy of their own race. If that happened, the numbers are such that real revolution might occur. At the very least, profits would not be maximized in the way that they are now. Change would be much more radical. Not the kind that created things like Social Security and Welfare, but the kind that radically transforms economies and nations. There were no niggers in Russia or China to blame, hence revolution was real and lasting. American capitalism persists because the rich foment racial hatred among poor whites to effectively get them off their backs. Preposterous you say? Remember the Willie Horton ad? Remember Ronald Reagan going to Philadelphia Mississippi?

Anyway - to make a long story short - if America didn't have black folks here they would have had to import us just for the societal purpose of difusing the class tension that capitalism creates. In fact, I think that this is our greatest contribution to America, even beyond what our ancestors contributed through slavery. We are an extremely cost effective palliative that mollifies working class America. Then when African Americans fight for things like Affirmative Action - it is easy for working class whites to point their finger and talk about how unqualified blacks are taking all the good jobs.

Well America, glad to be of service! :-(


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