Reply to "Black Parents: We Must Regain Control Over Our Children’s Education"

We need more Black parents, regardless of social class, to become everyday-activists for their children’s education.


This is the statement that many people agree with, as it sounds so wonderful.  Such a statement can be made to sound like common sense.


That is, until you look at the daily lives of the parents who are often the target of this type of commentary. 


So once again the world is made to believe that Black parentage is sub par not because of any substantive look at what parents are doing with what they have given the particular circumstances but because (in this case) what the author sees at being asleep at the wheel.


And how do we know parents are asleep?  Is it because of the support for  NCLB, RTTT or any number of charter school hustles?  Nope, because a rapper was invited to speak at a career day (interestingly no mention of what he actually said during talk---we are to take his very presence as cause for outrage)


*and i make that point as some who has NEVER liked Gucci Mane for any number of reasons*


We are to assume that the lack of parental involvement is due to the same things that lead to low Black employment (ie lazy, unskilled, unqualified, want someone else to do it for us etc etc.)  However, as with Black employment, that reasoning dissolves in the face of what's actually taking place in the U.S.

Instability in the home isn't limited (or equal to) an absent father.  There are two parent households that are just under financially making it monthly.  Working three jobs and still not making it, produces household tensions that affect children. 


That's real and a growing occurrence--but a far cry from 'yall Black parents are so damn lazy'


At the other end, Teaching as be steadily reduced to unskilled position (although it definitely is such).  There's social and economic reasons for this, both point to realities that Black people are still slow to accept.  The current state of the education system (especially as it relates to Black people) isn't designed to serve the needs of the people, but the needs of major corporations.  When corporations need massive influx of people, the system response to that.  However, it also responds when there no longer a need for massive amounts of people.  


you can't blame any of that on "lazy Black parents".