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Reply to "Black Middle Class vs. American Middle Class"

the problems of black culture are really a result of classism and poverty in America that transcend race


I am really flattered at the being the basis for so many of your posts. I figured that by now you could at least represent my position more correctly.

Founding Premise: Some people reside inside of a system that organizes resources and creates wealth. Some people reside outside of such a system.

The challenge is to CREATE a system that generates wealth and a high standard of living for the people that are of interest to you balancing this demand with other values that are important to you (environmental health, suppression of corruption, enforcement of individual and property rights).

The economic position of any subgroup of Americans is nothing more than a summation of the economic standing of INDIVIDUALS who fit your profile.
"Whiteness" in and of itself does not produce wealth. THE SYSTEM that they have ordered and then applied racial discrimination to determine who sits where in this system has determine who gets the benefit. STILL - THE SYSTEM HAS PRODUCED THE WEALTH not THE FACT THAT THEY ARE WHITE.

I keep pointing to what the Asians are doing because I see the SYSTEM that they are operating all the while being in the "container" of this broader system of the United States.

I still can't reconsile the drive by Blacks for removal of all barriers in employment to remove the "glass celing" and the recent information from an aquaintance that in opening up his new Subway shop he hired only Black people as employees. It seems that we seek to have it both ways.

There is more evidence present that PEOPLE TAKE CARE OF THEIR OWN than you can provide showing that they will work in the best interests of AMERICA and all AMERICANS. (This is why I know that Empty will never see his SOCIALIST paradise in a country that has multiple races without the state providing the strong arm to force people to share when they are otherwise not inclined to. Of course his socialist taking points said that THERE WILL BE NO STATE in the socialist utopia that will one day come. Socialism exists in an ant farm, not among humans that have intelligence and bias and pride)

As America sheds blue collar jobs an increasing number of people will have a slide in their standard of living. The wages of these blue collar people were driven up both by their UNION advocacy and the fact that their companies HAD THE REVENUES TO PAY THESE PRICES because they could charge their customers a higher rate to pay for the labor costs BECAUSE there was no ALTERNATIVE LABOR POOL THAT COULD EFFICIENTLY SUPPLY THE LABOR

But the White collar folks are next. The opening of communications between the USA and the rest of the world has allowed the backend processing of work to take place nearly anywhere around the world.

These companies are doing what YOU have proven that you do - SHOP FOR THE LOWEST PRICE FOR GOODS so that you can keep more money in your pocket.

[b]Back to your original point
- Blacks in America don't have the educational attainment that Whites and (increasingly) Asians in this country. This limits us in regards to what jobs we are able to gain access to.


Regardless the education that the Black man has HE WILL STILL BE REQUIRED TO FIT IN TO THE GENERAL ENVIRONMENT OF THE COMPANY. I recall a few years ago on a previous message board that my friend KEVIN said he didn't have to GET ALONG WITH THE WHITE FOLKS THAT HE WORKS WITH. He just needs to come in and do his job and it is HIS JOB performance should allow him to advance.

This might be the case in jobs that focus upon individual performance. THIS IS NOT THE CASE with management jobs that require you to interact with people and to obtain performance out of them. You will be FIRED because you are not making full use of the COMPANIES RESOUCES - it's people.

Black people face a challenge of having to adapt to the CULTURE that is present within the jobs that they work. In companies that have a bureacratic management structure promotions are based on the general sentiment that management has about you based on your performance. YOUR PERFORMANCE is based on what PROJECTS THEY GIVE TO YOU. If you are given crappy projects that don't have risk to the company's bottom line then you will never get a chance to shine. YES THERE ARE SOME INTERPERSONAL AND RACIAL factors in who gets these projects.

In summary - it is my view that THE CULTURE of the company is going to remain as it is. The culture itself is not necessarily "white". It is about PROFITABLITY AND POWER.

The best way that Black people can shift our "curve" to the right where our median point of income looks more like White folks is to make sure that we are focused upon doing things that generate INCOME and maintain control of the ECONOMIC RESOURCES IN OUR OWN COMMUNITY.

Right now I don't decide if my mortage will be paid - the person who can retain or lay me off does. The best way to operate is to keep this power as close to home as possible and not OURSOURCE it to someone else. The Black community has a large amount of money - it just flows out of the community too quickly. That store owner or restaurant owner that does not live in your community will utlimately take you money and spend it with someone else as well.

If the American middle class goes down then those who reside on the lower decks will drown first. THE CHALLENGE IS FOR YOU TO RESIDE IN THE CAPTAIN'S BRIDGE so you remain above the water line AND YOU DRIVE THE SHIP AS WELL.