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Reply to "Black MEN versus Colored boys what's the difference?"

Originally posted by Melesi:

Definition of BLACK: agree with me.

Definition of MAN: agree with me.

Definition of RIGHTEOUS: agree with me.

Definition of BOY: disagree with me.

Definition of COLORED: disagree with me.

Definition of DEMON: disagree with me.

Definition of WHITE: disagree with me.

Well, that's certainly clear now.

The True Tale of White Melesi & her little colored boys;

Hi Black women, especially you new young black women coming in. I know you are aghast at the 'ministrel show' being performed by the colored boy types who are by and large Ward Connelly, Clarence Thomas colored Republicans. Oh, and they are all professed born-again Christians. They are fighting on behalf of the central figure, MELESI the WHITE GIRL. See, Melesi has had a nervous breakdown right before
all the internet world to behold. How? What brought it about? Like the Bible says, 'Pride came before her downfall.'

She brought it on herself, because she is a WHITE GIRL who decided to burst into SISTASPOT and take on the power of TRUTH. Of course she
immediately fell, and fell hard. I'm talking this horse buckling before she even got out the gate type of failed. I mean, 'laughingstock' type of failed and as a result she is so enraged, humiliated, defeated that she is behind mustering up her colored republican BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN boys who are actively seeking to get rid of the source GOD used to bring her and her colored buzzards down, a BLACK WOMAN. Story of our life, eh?

Actually, this 'comedy of errors' they are performing reminds me of the movie 'The Wizard of Oz.' You know the part where the wicked witch is enraged because someone is helping Dorothy be victorious so she sends forth her chimp army to abduct Dorothy, and poor ToTo too? Yeah, well this is the confusing scenario at play that I thought to keep you abreast of. Meaning you new ones flocking in as word gets out. Hey, it's pre-Thanksgiving festive mood and a laugh of all laughs shall you get out of this one. I'm talking internet classic.

Myself? For those who don't know, I'm the sweet angel God sent to put Black truth out for our black daughters. Gregarious, outrageous, witty,
funny, skillful warrior of truth, oh yeah. I ch ose the Sistaspot to do it, as well, it's the 'Sista's spot.' So merrily enter I, I go, "Hi black women, here's some truths for our beloved daughters" and proceeded to put forth truths on a variety of issues concerning oh anything from those colored republicans (not worthy to be called black since they are black self-loathers and have exhibited it for you) to proof of Black Jesus of the Bible.

I also came forth asking Black women to unite, pray and do spiritual warfare against the enemy within and the enemy without. In other words,
call on our God, unite, because it is the Clarence Thomases, Ward Connelly sort who would give kooky, psychotic white Melesi the same
100% rule and reign over blacks as they had in segregation in as much as, they fight to strip the 'safety nets' of Affirmative Action, Voting
Rights and Civil Rights laws.

I also asked black women to get involved in aiding African women of the 52 African countries besides many political units as they are begging African/American women to save them from their he mates who have antiquated, barbaric customs that keeps the African woman downtrodden, enslaved, raped, violated, stripped of all Civil Rights and treated as
less than dirt. Again, not by the white racist fiend who rules Africa and uses the resources to run Europe, U.S, Israel, while depriving the
ignorant African of any use of his own resources. To mask his cowardliness and bottom rung status, he then turns around and takes it
ou t on the African woman. Oh, you'll find a myriad of topics on this board with regard to the poor African woman's plight at the hand of her mate.

At any rate, you must be asking, 'well, if you're talking strictly to black women, how did all this cause kooky, psychotic, white girl Melesi to have a nervous breakdown before all the internet world?' Well, she as is her arrogant, demonic nature just burst in like a bat out of hell, and decided to take up for her subservient colored boys. She felt she had the right to come in, and demand to be heard. She started on her journey towards what I immediately knew would be her nervous breakdown quite idiotically on a post about GOD. Oh, didn't I mention it? Kooky, psychotic, white girl Melesi professes to be a 'born-again Christian' and full of her alleged 'Christian spirit' she angrily, madly, started out on her descent quite, uh, in a word, stupidly.

Meaning, She actually had the gall to come up in a black woman's site designed for black women, and utter, 'I'm not going to tell you
anything, No, you answer me, you answer all my great knowledge, because I know the Greek/Hebrew word to everything'.

Actually, I didn't even start the post and only entered to answer a in general question posed by the writer. check it out.

This is my introduction to kooky, psychotic white girl Melesi. Well, having dismissed her as a 'nutcase' I go on about my business posting
commentary on black w omen issues, and enter kooky, psychotic Melesi, yeah, the demented derelict actually stalks me on this SISTASPOT where I'm solely addressing Black women issues surrounding Black women. Of course, in JESUS NAME mind you, strictly in Jesus Name is she full of arrogance and hate seeking to stop 'freedom of speech.'

So I seeing this kooky, psychotic, white girl Melesi about to be exposed as so, politely, graciously and with a 'Christian' spirit no less, sought to calm her descent into madness. I asked the most simplistic and basic question, 'What is your race and gender' because it was obvious she was not a black woman, so what's her kooky, psychotic beef? Is her alleged Christian eyes blinded to the madness that is about her? Was her innards that she professes to be Christ-like so 'full of Satanic darkness' that she dared think the spirit of Truth light wasn't showing her 'Actions' to be just the opposite?
Yep, that kooky, psychotic white girl Melesi thoughtlessly thought just that.

She in her fury, said, get this black women, 'No, no, no, no, and ick pooh, I won't answer any of your questions but you better answer me. Come on, come on, answer me' in that unique nasal drone tone that you could literally hear. Well, you can imagine how I was giggling, guffawin' even, over this doozy. Still, full of Godly compassion, I sought to disengage her, ignore her, and calmly tell her to 'get lost' but all for naught, her destiny to have a 'nervous breakdown on the internet was set' and that, by her own stubs tapping in what would be her just sentence.

I move on to yet another topic, and another addressing ways black women can unify and fight the enemy within and without. Naturally, in order t o defeat such enemies we must denounce, withstand, all the lies, deceits, the enemy erected. Hence, entered the colored boy clown minstrel show. As long as I was strictly talking about the colored boy failures, kooky, psychotic, white girl Melesi stayed out of those post, what with her being holy and all, and instead, her pack of mules came galloping in violating my freedom of speech as they were oh so offended at the truth about their abhorrent, subservient, bowwed down, conduct.

They didn't want to hear any commentary on what a failure their actions showed them to be, and this is quite ironic as if you'll look in the
ISSUES, POLITICS, sections all the colored boy republicans do is stay staked out on this site 24-7 posting one post after another on how 'we
'blacks' are bad and their white trainer who has 100 % control over the wealth, resources, tax dollar, of the U.S. are good and Christ-like.' They believe we should not have control over where the collective tax dolla r of blacks go, rather white males should be the sole heirs. They believe white males are mistreated by us black folks because we don't trust them and had to have laws (Civil Rights) and bills (affirmative action) on the book that forces him to do right by blacks when we should just take all the laws off the books, trample the blood of all the lynch, beaten, jailed, killed, assasinated, blacks who worked to get laws to stop white madness, and simply 'let white males rule us' be as trusting as a lamb being led to the slaughter such as they are.

Well enough of that bs. So in they pop, one after another calling themselves, and do take note, radioraheem, immortal, get this, 'logic,'
Henry the african, no less, Vox the fox, Th aWatcher and other stragglers of that cotton pickin' fiber. I politely tell them that 'I'm strictly addressing black women issues on this black women spot and do not choose to correspond with them, so respect the black woman site and get lost,' the losers. Well, you can imagine the laughs were to no end on these little rascally rabids as they concentrated on such rebuttals as, 'your name is funny,' 'you said you love all blacks' actually I said, "I wish love/happiness to all righteous blacks' I just didn't say what I wished on the wicked enemy within and without but they got it all mixed up in their little old, empty, 'white bred heads.' So, as you might suspect they were 'goofy' as Clarence Thomas, stupid as Ward Connelly, and deranged as a 'house negro' proud to sell out blacks.

But they were all Christians, with Scripture quoting to prove it. So I decided to quote some TRUTH out of Scripture to combat them. Exit the
'colored boy clown' act, re-enter, yes, kooky, psychoti c white girlMelesi to denounce the Bible and the God thereof, that she claimed she
was over here defending. I said, Jesus was black, and her dispositon was, 'there are no absolutes' though she's not saying 'he wasn't black' mind you...teh..heh. I rebuttaled, 'stay out my post, as I don't want to correspond with you.' She kept coming, I ignored her, she kept coming, I admonished her in no uncertain terms, she kept coming, I demolished her, with the weapon of truth, and she all along, bowwed down, subservient, fixated, obsessed at my backside, would have kept coming but for big Henry the African who stopped her in her tracks, by telling her and I quote:"Melesi I am pleading with you, can you stay out of her way please. You are giving her the chance to make a monkey out of you and in the process ridicule her pet hate, which is the black male. I must admit I log in to have a good laugh as I watch her make mince meat out of anyone unfortunate enough to be at the receiving end of the v inegar tongue. I am sure there are many like me who log on just to watch the show and roll on the floor laughing. Unfortunately you have allowed yourself to be a source of amusement. I know you are a decent fellow that do not deserve the treatment so please desist from responding to her posts as she has made it clear she only wants to talk to the sisters."

That stopped kooky, psychotic, white girl Melesi in her track, well sort of. Those beady eyes bugged out had been tapping in incessantly (which isn't good for ya) thinking she's not the simpleton buffoon that she is, thought somehow by her denouncing all documented black truth, on a black site, in front of a house full of black women that she was winning some battle that she insisted she was having with me.

I'd put up one post after another with pictures of the black madonna and child, and she'd in front of black women who are showing their black daughters the pictures denigrate and denounce it. Oh, it was a work of art black women, a comedy of her own making, and me, with my witty nature could no longer resist being thoroughly amused via dragging my little voluntary bowwed down, backside sniffer along as I merrily put forth positive posts for our collective black daughters. What, with insisting on going from post to post denouncing black truth.

Still, at big Henry the black African's word she saw the light and she was furious, you've never seen anything like it before. She w as stunned into reality, and like a pink-toed she-demon caught, humiliated, realizing that she was disgraced in the sight of all her white fellow demonic forces knowing black women had been laughing in hysterics AT HER, she flew after the powerful black man who had also appeared in the form of AFROMAN offering me support. I mean she flipflopped over to his
site called AFRICAN HSTORY and showed the world she was 'touched','cuckoo, a 'lunatic', 'cybernut,' a 'diabolical white racist she-demon enraged because I used a post of his 'matriarchal lineal' as another validation for our black daughters to understand the mother/son divine connection.

I mean, the whole internet world could literally see her run, trot, fly after AF ROMAN (powerful black man), seething, 'I'll get you my pretty for helping her.' She went into the 'matrilineal post' and attacked it that way. She'd flipped out, her madness, thoroughly un-masked, a wolf, in wolf clothing thinking she looked like a heroic sheep of God. Alas, the deed was done, yes girls, the deed was done! Kooky, psychotic, Melesi had a full blown nervous breakdown, and all the internet world beheld it.

It was so obvious that she was burnt beet red with embarrassment to the point that leadership had to intervene to halt the spectacle she was
making of herself. It was hiliarious, I'll never get that image out of my head. Picture it, it's like those claws tried to grab AFROMAN by the back of the collar and strangle him for speaking a truth that I used to teach our black daughters, How sad, for shame, tsk...tsk, what a nut, and all that.

All those thousands of letters she and her fellow white demons sent to management trying to get me off, all her colored buzzards fighting for her, and she had lost, been humiliated by TRUTH speaking through a black woman minding her own business. In other words, Victory was mine!!!! Praise the God who is Truth and with the black woman to vindicate us and deliver us from such evil enemies within and without.

As said, management intervened and for a week to the day thereafter, there was great peace that abounded on this SISTASPOT. Once again, I
merrily returned to posting edifying FYI posts for black women of whom I was solely talking to in the first place.

Well, what's all this madness they have spewed all over this BLACK WOMAN'S site then? Well, girls though kooky, psychotic white girl Melesi was done in, it left a soar spot with her colored pets who do her bidding so in they galloped like a her of jackasses to desecrate the truth that had done them and their trainer what they see as 'kindly Missus Melesi' in. They wanted vengeance. Mind you, they didn't gang up on their white trainers over here calling them the 'N' word, rather, enter they into my post on of all things 'the defense of Michael Jackson, like a herd of jackasses and desecrated it with their colored boy mentality.

However, as said, the day before their MINSTREL SHOW I posted a FYI on 'Black women and the Michael Jackson' and out pops a new voice of
'hate, arrogance and uhm stupidity' the handle 'phoenixfemme' now this is a whol e other cankerworm. This one claims she's 'black.' Yet, she was offended at me repeating Michael's claim on the Fox special that he was a 'billionaire.' That right there let black women looking in know that this girl has a white mammy or sumptin', cause no SANE Black person on planet earth would be offended at a black male proclaiming himself a BILLIONAIRE. What's it's to us, he's rich and deservedly so, I calmly tell this new spawn who dared approach me with such nonsense, and the same 'you tell me this, and I'll tell you nothing', no,no,no, I won't verify my ethnicity and gender.' Check it out, Whew!

Well, I wasn't going to argue with some nutcase mad because Michael is a rich billionaire, and I wasn't going to answer a host of catty, 'you
tell me , give me proof' stupidity, sheer stupidity, as the post wasn't about Mike's billion dollar empire, rather the overall charges being hurled against 'presumption of innocent' Mike, which this phoenixfeeme more or less said, 'she wasn't going to respect U.S. law 'presumption of innocence' but rather, she was just going to 'withhold judgement' which is what the diabolical white racists are hurling all over the airwaves as a slight against 'presumption of innocence' meaning I believe he's guilty on the allegation alone.

The next day being Friday is when the herd of jackass colored boys pounced in to do the minstrel act in the above link. Well, girls there you have it this is the TRUTH, the WHOLE TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH with regard to how kooky, psychotic, white girl melesi had her
nervous breakdown. I went merrily on my way, and had a great weekend as I always do.

Well, to bring you up to current standings, come Monday, I set to do ing my job posting posts of edification on all black sites so our black daughters can have access to the TRUTH. I posted 3 posts, "Intolerance and hate filled seen in Christians and their colored boys yipping at their feet,' 'Black Men, Vs. Colored boys, what's the difference?' And, "Newsflash: Update on Michael Jackson's problems.'

Oh, mind you, after the colored boys did their minstrel act in Michael's post, out pops kooky, psychotic, white girl melesi to gloat as if that vindicated her humiliation and defeat. She wants vengeance. She twisted as a pretzel, gloated thus, " Might it not be that brothas don't always want to join "sistaspot" because if sistas didn't want their own forum they wouldn't have started it, so it's a matter of respect that they don't post here? At least not until something really flagrantly silly is put here? You must admit that prophetesses postts are rather over the top."

Then the little nutcase r esumed her insanity by re-entering my post demanding the moderator to take it off. Just going to tell black women
what we should and should not do, never realizing being kooky and psychotic that if she kept her stupid ass out of my posts like I've
repeatedly told the ass sniffer, then she wouldn't get slashed. See's that's the demonic arrogance in whites that makes them insane. So I slashed her and laughed. I simply revealed her true motive for being up on a black site 24-7. I think she was crying, slobbering all over the keyboard she stays at day and nigh, and undoubtedly popping more pills than that dope addict, hyocrite Rush Limpballs.

She fumed and fretted because as said, she's kooky, psychotic, and waaay over the top. Which brings us to the galloping colored jackasses who have designed to GET ME OFF THIS BLACK WOMAN'S SITE SO KOOKY, PSYCHOTIC, WHITE GIRL MELESI CAN FEEL VINDICATED. Their really stupid in that 1. I have homefield advantage; 2. Their strategy to pop up posts that denigrates looks stupid on a BLACK WOMAN'S site; 3. They are made at management for not ˜banning' INNOCENT, LOVABLE ME; 4. Unlike the whites who trained them they are stupid and look stupid at their attempt to disrupt my FREEDOM OF SPEECH so kooky, psychotic, white girl melesi can be in this black woman's spot; and 5. Who cares, certainly not me, and obviously not management who kooky, psychotic, white girl melesi is angry at for not doing what she felt was the right thing to do. She's a white savage, come a pillaging our village and she rode in on the back of her colored pets who like in Africa bowwed down prostrate and let the white demon in and there he remains. So when you see kooky, psychotic white girl melesi in a black post making an idiot out of herself, just say, ˜kooky, psychotic white girl melesi' get lost you've had a nervous breakdown.

Now I know you're seething now, aghast, and unbelief at their insanity but it is their collective insanity that I came forth telling black women to fight, denounce, at all cost because these filthy, abominable beings are selling the black woman back into white enslavement with a big grin on their faces, what with their sick fetish for white girls of
which we thank God they want them, and have no ill-will towards the white girls as we bless them for taking that mess out of our midst. I
mean it, black women fess up, tell how you sit chilled and relax, eating popcorn, as you watch the white girls on Judge Mathis, Brown, Judy, begging the judges to make the colored male they've been supporting give them back a modicum or maxiumum allowed of the wealth they lavished on them prior to the breakup.

Anyhoo, in closing let me say, I've been a perfect angel on this site, posting black truth to black women in the name of Black Yeshua/Jesus who is for all people. I welcome black women to absorb, ponder the truth, and if anyone, be they a decent, respectful black woman out of all walks of life have a question or comment (pro or con) I will respectfully answer it or provide any information I can. Pass the truth along, have a great extended holiday, and keep speaking the truth, as truth alone, will set us free from the enemy within and without.

Shssh....shsshs...kooky, psychotic white girl melesi you've had a nervous breakdown and since you like being bowwed down sniffing at my backside I can throw anything at ya, anytime I want to, and it is MY RIGHT TO GET YOU BANNED FROM MY POST so be an obedient, ass-sniffer, and stay quiet as we black women know what's best for you. Our little obsessed, fixated, cripple, sidekick and some think perverted species that's enjoying sniffing the aroma's of my backside and that's just appalling.