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Reply to "Black MEN versus Colored boys what's the difference?"

Egad, Henry, henry, henry, you threatening to go African brute like and subjugate a woman like me?

Wow, on such a festive spiritual holiday season Henry old boy is trying to cower down the African women with the old tribal rule. Hold on, stop cringing Oba and Tula, my African female friends. I'll handle hypocritical, BAD WORD CALLING HENRY, and that on a BLACK WOMAN'S SITE...such disrespect, I'll answer ya, Henry but we're going primal on this I'll make up a African name you lay yours out and it's violent, deranged, big thing you.

The POWERFUL BLACK MAN could never respect you now, as you've shown him that everything I wrote about the suffering of the African woman is true. Well, we will just have to take over Africa.

Henry, I was so amazed that you showed your true temperment that I want to just say, HOWDY before I answer it....Howdy, Henry, I'll dissect your VIOLENT ABUSIVE WORDS at another time as I'm in much too festive a mood today, you big old clunker you.

My, my, my, Henry's NOT my friend, was a LYING EVIL FIEND who opposed TRUTH ALL ALONG. And to think, I BEGGED you to GET LOST from the get go.

Oh my, black women, black women, you are beholding a PROFESSED 'WOLF IN SHEEP CLOTHING' wolfwolfwolfwolfwolf....hey girls, truth will do it everytime Wink.

Oh, one more thing, HENRY this is MY POST that's why I told you herd of jackasses to gallop on up out of here. Oh, and Henry, my AVOWED ENEMY WHO CAME OVER STRICTLY TO DECEIVE ME, as you just said, If you mention MY NAME in a post I have a right to answer you. If you had not entered my post in the first place, with your VILE, SAVAGE LANGUAGE I wouldn't have anything to say to a DECEIVER LIKE MY OLD PAL, well, you were all along MY ENEMY, but my old bosom buddy who chooses to talk to someone he alleges is MAD, while the someone (ME EVERYBODY) who KNOWS you and your herd of jackasses is MAD repeatedly told your stupid ass to get loss.

Anyway, just a brief note, oh VOLATILE, EMOTIONAL HENRY before I dissect that crap you tapped in.

Henry, PRAY FOR AFRICAN WOMEN no wonder they are BEGGING for BLACK WOMEN'S HELP.... bye...bye...strictly for now Hen.

P.S. Big chieftain has the nerve to admit that he USES WOMEN just like in Africa which explains why Africa remains in the sorry state it is. Black women, in all sincerity pray for African women.

P.P.S I always feel males who bring up 'homosexuality' do so because they are inadequate males. I think I'll go to a male homosexual site and invite them over to engage in homosexuality with Henry who has it on his sick, brute like mind.

P.P.P.P.S Oh Thanks YSSYS and all the other black women who have complimented my posts. And thanks for the dozens of emails of support for my work and outrage at big, dumb colored boys.

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