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Reply to "Black MEN versus Colored boys what's the difference?"

Henry the big old African, now is this the same one who uttered, "I like you, I really like you?"

What a mad being you are showing yourself to be. No wonder AFRICAN WOMEN are in utter bondage, despair and full of MADNESS of which one doesn't have to THINK rather KNOW to be a fact of life.

Poor, Henry and his twisted little WHITE psychotic she-heifer TRAINER. Now, Henry remember you invited me to COME TO YOUR BOARD AND SPEAK and now you sit in England criticizing while the African woman sits in poverty, famine, torture, rapes, Aids at the hands of male beings like you so your thought(singular) about African women speaks for itself just as my thoughts do when I denounce your brutish conduct.

Now, Henry you wouldn't believe who called me to come see this. African women, yes Henry African women so I do know your ego is wounded because I did not list you as intelligent as African women looking in are the ones who deciphered it and said you'd be sorely scarred as you force them to think you are intelligent but they knew I'd be the one to tell you differently. Now get back to Africa and build schools and decent housing for African women instead of living in the lap of luxury while they remain in misery.

Oh, and fight the white male who has his heel on your neck, controls the resources of AFrica, while you sit scribble scrambling on a computer.

And I'm STILL glad those brutes didn't get to STONE THE NIGERIAN WOMAN while letting the male go free.

Oh, the wit you've been waiting for Henry has already been unleashed at 'you and yours' expense but you weren't intelligent enough to get it. Thanks for the night time laugh though.

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