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Reply to "Black MEN versus Colored boys what's the difference?"

Originally posted by Kweli4Real:
PO Rage, A quick question,

By the above description (of Black manhood), can a male disagree with your writings and still be a righteous Black man?

Hi Kweli4real, how are you? Listen, I think maybe I might have mistaken you for that pack of creeps who insist on invading my posts when I have told them to back off. When you first inquired of me, I mistook you for one of them.

If you are sincere, I'll answer your question but as you can see from the idiot respondents to YOUR question posed to ME ALONE, I cannot carry this conversation on further without this rude interruption, of which the only viable solution is to squash it. This is NOT 'cruel conduct' on my part rather it is in reality cruel conduct on their part. I have repeatedly told them I do not choose to correspond with them, but the kook's half a brain is vacant and they remain clueless as they do this 'step'n' fetch it' routine.

My 'freedom of speech' allows me the freedom to post and correspond with whom I choose. I am not over here as a "active participant'' in the sense, that I basically post and am out, other than coming back to edit or add additional FYI facts. In other words, I don't read the other participants responses especially the many losers, I altogether scroll pass the white demons, and only know of a handful of intelligent blacks on the board. I used to read a lot of the posts written by the intelligent such as NEGROSPIRITUAL, YSSSYS, AFROMAN, MBM, HUEY, JAMES CARTER?, AND OF COURSE, KEVIN. I'm sure there are a few more but I can't think of their names at this writing. Other than reading theirs' when I can here and there, I just scroll pass the idiots and post my posts on the sistaspot for our collective black daughters to read.

I reitierate, I only drop by to post articles, commentaries, poetry, or anything I so choose to post JUST LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE. That is my right just as it is your right to post and correspond with whom you choose.

If these 'sickos' want to correspond with other women on the board, then pull up their post, correspond with them, and stay the heck out of my post. If they want to correspond with me, NO, I don't respect, like, or care for the ENEMY WITHIN, rather, I strictly communicate with intelligence of which as said, is few and far between on these boards.

Now, with regard to your question, "By the above description (of Black manhood), can a male disagree with your writings and still be a righteous Black man?"

Well, see the thing is this, the BLACK MAN does not DISAGREE with my disposition, some might disagree with my METHOD but I might disagree with theirs' and it still doesn't make us NOT of one accord. After all, what is there to disagree about? We know who the enemy within and without is, each righteous black woman and man must fight the good fight as they are moved to do so, if I don't complain about their method, why should they complain about mine?

Still, a black man might have a better method worth incorporating and tell me of it, of which I would gladly accept. However, we both know the battle is not with each other but the forces that would hinder black self-rule.

Okay, I've sincerely answered your question, now would you have this pack of mules with their white girl on back, gallop on back up out of here? Oh, and as said, yours' might be a case of mistaken identity and if so, I'll delete the 'lash-out' words in the post you first inquired of me.