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Black MEN versus Colored boys what's the difference?

Black MEN versus Colored boys what's the difference?

Negrospiritual in another post I mentioned I would describe the difference between the BLACK MAN vs. Colored boys, with so many examples of the latter having burst on the board, and PROVEN EVERYTHING I SAID TO BE THE TRUTH, WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH, I think it a appropriate time to place this article on the board. In other words, the pigs are squealing so I'll turn up the heat.

Righteous black men are the backbone of Black women. If such didn't exist I do believe Black women would be renowned 'serial killers' of
colored boys. Black men, are strong, intelligent, righteous, who stand with the black woman as one. They are of the sons of the matriarchy which constitutes African mother and her children, who were sold out by the patriarchy which consists of the African father and his colored boys and girls.

Let me give you the testimony of what the spirit of RIGHTEOUS BLACK MEN brought from African were like.They vehemently opposed the Caucasoid demonic faction who originally kidnapped our ancestors and dragged them to America to do the work whites were too lazy to do. Meaning, whites DIDN'T pull themselves up by their own bootstraps rather, they pulled themselves up by using BLACKS to become the number one superpower in the world. At any rate, this is a recorded truth with regard to the original Africans enslaved, and their attitudes that best sum up the righteous black man's spirit.

In Charles Ball book, 'A Narrative of the Life and Adventure of Charles Ball" (pg. 188-189) he states with regard to the righteous African man's spirit, "The native Africans are revengeful, and unforgiving in their
tempers, easily provoked, and cruel in their designs. They generally place little or even no value upon the fine houses and superb furniture
of their masters; and discover no beauty in the fair complexions, and delicate form of their mistresses. They feel indignant at the servitude
that is imposed upon them and only want power to inflict the most cruel retribution upon their oppressors; but they desire only the means of subsistence and temporary gratification in this country during their
abode here.

They are universally of the opinion, and this opinion is founded in their religion, that after death they shall return to their own country and rejoin their former companions and friends in some happy region, in which they will be provided with plenty of food and beautiful women from the lovely daughters of their own region."

Now, this is a spirit of fighback. A strength that doesn't loose site of who the enemy is. These are of the AFRICAN MOTHER and the MATRIARCHY. These are POWERFUL BLACK MEN. The spirit that lived in righteous Africans was passed down to such Black men, and this is where you get BLACK RESISTANCE from. These are masterful, and if it weren't for such types the Black race would not have gotten as far as we did. Both the men and women of TRUTH arose throughout history and did exploits that inevitably led to Black freedom.

Now mind you, in quoting the inconquerable, indomitable spirit of the BLACK MAN, we see that they are vengeful to their oppressors only, and being intelligent had to know that though all whites were bred in the demonic spirit of white supremacy not all whites were of the diabolical white race or at least, didn't act on the demonism. So they were not
hatemongers, and though some like Fredrick Douglass, Thurgood Marshall, and others married white women, their works show them with goodwill towards Black humanity, and therefore are worthy of being called Black men. Always remembering, that righteous blacks don't promote prejudice, and hate, rather, we hate it, and passionately denounce, withstand,
oppose the true evil beings who do promote such evil. And this we do, by any means necessary.

Now contrast the POWERFUL RIGHTEOUS BLACK MAN'S disposition to the broken colored boys. Of course, most black women being learned know of
Willie Lynch and what his brainwashing techniques that worked. The white fiend so broke the colored boys, that history records their sorry mentality, AFTER ENSLAVENT thus, "I wants to see old Master again anyways. I reckon maybe I'll just go up and asks him what he wants me to do, and he'll tell me, and if I don't know how, he'll show me how, and I'll try to do it to please him. And when I get it done, I want to hear him grumble like he used to and say, "Charley you ain't got no sense, but you is a good boy. This here ain't very good, but it'll do, I reckon. Get yourself a little piece of brown sugar, but don't let no niggers see you eating it. If you do, I'll whup your black behind!" That ain't the way it's going to be in Heaven, I reckon, but I can't sit here and think of no way I'd better like to have it." (To Be A Slave pg.30-31, by Julius Lester.)

Now, that loser spirit is what the colored boys who burst into this site are really like Black women as that spirit was spoken AFTER SLAVERY and there was none to cleanse his mind as whites killed every POWERFUL BLACK MAN who tried. That spirit embodies what the colored boys on this board are like who gallup about bucking and beighing at TRUTH. They are
intolerant, hate-mongers who would kill, steal, destroy for their white masters. Like the Bible said, 'by their fruits or ACTIONS you will know

They are cowardly, fearful and have no manhood whatsoever, they just do the bidding of their white trainer. They prove themselves as
subservient as a slave through their action. As dense and dumb as a slave to come up on this board and become a LIVE EXHIBITION to the TRUTH of what is proclaimed about them. They are fearful, cowardly, goofy, immature, childish and in a word, STUPID clowns.

They have no dreams, hopes, visions other than grinning in the face of their white trainer and bowwing down their jackass back for their white
trainer to walk upon. Oh, yeah black woman it's sad, hey but it's life and they are to be looked upon as nothing but FIT FOR DESTRUCTION as when the BLACK MAN makes his move to gain his own prominence he will have to take them out, as they are the reason white dominion

See then, black women I hope I have clarified the difference between the two faction, and if I haven't God has repeatedly given you LIVE
EXAMPLES thereof.

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