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Reply to "Black Males Still Need A "Plantation Pass" To Be In New York City"

Originally Posted by Kocolicious:

Sista Sunnubian wrote: 


Does anyone think that Native Americans should never complain or protest or rally against any racism or racist abuse or police brutality just because there are also Native Americans that commit violence against other Native Americans?


 No of course not.


Should the Japanese Americans have turned down the reparations monies they received because some Japanese Americans commit violence against other Japanese Americans or because some belong to Asian gangs older than this country?


No....of course not.  But to be fair in your above analogies, Native and Japanese Americans both had what Africans did not have. Self-identity as full human beings. That was socially stolen from Blacks. Even though the Japanese were considered yellow devils during WW2 and Native Americans were deemed savages by Europeans-still both groups had their cultural identity to fall back on and they fought to maintain it-and won! Both received repariations from America as a result. Despite the fact they that both fought against their own people  in certain times in history, this never distorted who they were as a people.  However as we know, we have YET to receive any repariations....and that could very be one of the many reasons why we continue to kill each other. Psychologically, many of us need to hear that slavery was wrong.  Otherwise, the self-worth value turns generationally into self-hate and self-hate evolves into self-genocide.  Evidence of that is highlighted in the 80s and 90s.


I guess we should tell the Jews to stop running around ranting and raving about the Holocaust or discrimination against Jews


No [that's their distraction]....we should tell the Jews to be honest about their hand in slavery [then and now] and stop lying about their monetary involvement.....that's first.


since some Jews betrayed other Jews right before and during the Holocaust,


Yes this true.


and because there are Jewish people in America that have killed or wronged other Jewish people.


Jews were one of the first mafia groups in America along with the Italians.


Then we need to tell women to stop whining about sexism and domestic violence since there are women in America that harm, fight and kill other women.


I understand what you are saying my sista. But! To me apples and oranges. Cuz laws had to put in place to give women rights against domestic violence FROM MEN i.e. husbands, fathers, etc. 


And as far as women killing other women I agree this is a growing trend. But not the norm in our history in terms of the brutal inhumane legacy of America.  This has been a new phemonena in the last 30-40 years or so.   But!



Of course I agree with you Koco, but I'm just trying to convey that we, as a people, should not lay down and take racism and racial violence against us/Black people just because we have some in our community that commit crimes, even crimes as egregious as murder.  Now I personally believe, just as you had alluded to before, that African Americans should be just as up-in-arms over the violence (and drugs and sub-standard schools/education) in our community as we are about "stop and frisk".  


But, I do disagree regarding the Japanese/Asians and who was and was not considered full human beings, because, before the Civil Rights Movement, (not counting New York and California) Asians were also looked at as inferior and/or less than human by White Americans.  They were called monkeys and every manor of racial slur, and severely stereotyped, just like Black people were (children with downs syndrome being call Mongoloids . . .); now that times have changed, and America is financially beholden to China and America's corporations are making billions from Asian low wages, much of that is now conveniently and quietly swept under the rug, (by both Asians and White Americans), and/or is virtually (supposedly) 'forgotten'.


There is no non-White race on this planet that White racism did not consider 'less than human', or inferior to Whites, or that were not grossly negatively stereotyped by White racism at one time in history or another, particularly since European "expansion" across the world.