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Reply to "Black MALE self-HATRED...WAKE UP!!!!!"

these are all very interesting points of view, thanks for sharing upfro

To Sigma

Thy Scattered sons with lofty hopes and aims,
Achieving greatness which the world proclaims,
Regarding life with tenderness sublime,
And with design which knows no race or clime,
Appeals to selfish man to serve and love
God`s handiwork created from above;
PHI BETA SIGMA stands this test of years
Supremely over blight and cringing fears,
With unflinching will that cannot fail,
The sacred cause advances to prevail.
Give us the conscience staunch and spirit brave,
To master stormy sea and angry wave,
And as the curtain falls o`er this brief life,
We`ll march triumphant from this din and strife.

-Bro. Nnamdi Azikiwe-First President of Nigeria, G.O.M.A.B. 1914