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Reply to "Black MALE self-HATRED...WAKE UP!!!!!"

Originally posted by HonestBrother:

Is this a typo or a joke? Say you were not yourself when you wrote this, say anything but don't tell us you really sat down and typed this sh!t. Tell me please that you were stoned or drunk when you wrote this. Please somebody help me get my sanity back after reading this drivel.[/QUOTE]

First off, can you please be specific and explain what makes my point of view 'drivel'? Having said this, I'll go the mature route and won't take any of your remarks personally.


I just find it funny that the sisters who wouldn't give me the time of day when I was single are now so very very interested in my dating choices.[/QUOTE]

hmmm...perhaps, now that you've matured, you excuse yourself when you fart? or, perhaps, you've a little more "something" on your mind? or, perhaps, they (those sisters) have matured?

dude, you seemed to've suckled a little on mummy's breast.

henry': solid posts! but ~ we know ~ most sistas aren't kickin' it like that of our late "flo-jo". more like "star jones" would be a more accurate take. incidently, honest': are these the type of sisters that are giving you play?