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Reply to "Black Love Day (BLD) - Anybody heard of/celebrated this before?"

Originally posted by EbonyRose:
Originally posted by Noah The African:
You can generate a lot more appreciation and love when it's unexpected. Bringing your women flowers on a day where she has no expectations goes a lot further than bringing her flowers on a day where that is what a guy is supposed to do. Also, it cost a lot less. I am getting away from gift giving on these commercialized days and replace it with spontaneous and sporadic demonstrations of love and affection....which is not always a material gift.

I agree with this, NTA ... but, I believe the author/creator of this day is not only talking about the love we share with our spouse/SO ... but that Black Love is needed for and between ALL Black people! And while your premise of "not just today but everyday" rings true even in a community-oriented scenario such as that, it'll take more than a bouquet of flowers to get us to love, respect, honor and appreciate ourselves and, even more importantly, each other.

Very true... My Baba just sent me this...

Black Love Day Pledge:

To show love for The Creator
To love myself first and to erase all traces of self- hatred for when I love myself, I therefore can love others.
To develop moral principles to stand for
To forgive myself for past acts of unloving behavior and move on
To show love for my family
To show love for my community
To show love for the race
To show love for myself, the community, and the race"