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Reply to "Black Lives Matter, my mother and September 11th"

There are many other millions that have suffered catastrophes. How are they doing? 

The Original Natives, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Everyone that has experienced bombs dropping on their heads, being incinerated in a matter of seconds, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Liberia, Paris, Night Clubs, Paris, Syria, Turkey, the millions living their remaining lives in cages; the many millions that are not and probably SHOULD BE, etc. Aren't they people too??

Why is it that so many people HAVE to DIE to enable so many others to LIVE? Who made those rules? Who makes the choices? God's Helpers or Lucifer's??

Who made the determination to label some "minorities?" Minor to whom? Melanin makes one minor? I thought it protected the human body from the rays of the hot sun. There's certainly NOTHING MINOR with that, if anything, it might make one SUPERIOR. Superior in delaying skin cancer or forbidding it altogether. Have you seen that disease? It's on YouTube; not pretty!! No disease is.

None of the 4-legged animals are identical. Why are human animals supposed to be? Who came to that conclusion? What/who made them the authority of human life?

Who gave the people of CAVES so much authority over EVERYONE else? Did they just TAKE that for themselves and call it Superior, Supreme, Privilege? Perhaps, they'd like to re-think, before everything just fucking disappears forever, including them.

How's Hillary doing? Not appearing too Leader-like yesterday. How many others like her in control of folks right now? Kim seems a little rattled (and that was putting IT mildly.) Ronald McDonald!!

Oh, the Mighty Leaders.

I made another morning, did you? Good morning to you; may your day be pleasant.

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