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Reply to "Black Like GOP"

Originally posted by Empty Purnata:
Originally posted by telltruth:
The Republican Party was the first major political party that were openly against slavery.

The Republican Party fought for the emancipation of slavery.

President Abe Lincoln-Republican Prez freed the Slaves.

Civil Rights Acts of 1866 and 1875 was passed by Republicans.

Republicans passed the Civil Rights Acts of 1957 and 1960.

Republicans passed the Civil Rights Act of 1965
(Al Gore's daddy voted against it).

The Republican Party help found the NAACP

Prominent Republicans sponsored, funded, and financed the following:
Morehouse College
Howard University
Spelman College
Shaw Uniersity
Clark University
Samuel Houston College
Atlanta University

The above memtion was all opposed by the Democratic Party. Smile

While all this is true, this has little relevance today. The Republican Party of Lincoln is not the modern day GOP, today's GOP is the Party of Reagan.

The Radical Republicans (TAKE NOTE OF THE WORD "RADICAL") of Lincoln's day were a left-leaning party that supported democratic federalism, more workers' rights, more anti-trust laws, more government crackdown on corruption, government protection of workers, anti-slavery and anti-confederatism. The Party of Lincoln was basically a proto-Social Democrat party in today's terms.

The Southern Democratic party up until FDR supported heavier weight to States' Rights (read: support of state-protected slavery), more laissez-faire economic policies, and less anti-trust laws. They heavily appealed to Confederaes and later Dixiecrats. They were basically a right-wing populist party with Classical Liberal (Neoliberal/Libertarian) economic leanings.

The parties switched when FDR made the agenda of Northern Democrats (who were formally aligned with Radical Republicans) and Progressives the party platform of the Democratic Party. The Republican Party changed beginning with Eisenhower who started introducing more isolationism and protectoratism to party and became what it is today under Nixon culminating in Reagan.

The South had formerly always gone Democrat. They switched over to the Republican Party in the 1960's after the Democratic Party supported the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and a large majority of the modern-day Republican party's elder leaders were former Dixiecrats.

Hell, the Democrats and Republicans changed just from FDR to Nixon. Under FDR, the Democrats were mainly Social Democrats, Progressives and Keynesians. The Republicans were mainly conservative Keynesians and Paleoconservatives. Under Nixon, the Democrats were Neoliberals and the Republicans were Neoconservatives who supported aggressive anti-Communist foreign policy (they were formerly isolationist).

And let's not forget when Reagan first ran his campaign in 1980, he went to Philadelphia, Mississippi. He could've went to ANY city in the South: Atlanta, Jacksonville, Nashville, MIami, Charlotte, San Antonio...

But no. He had to go to the town, where it's only claim to fame (or infamy) is that Philadelphia, MS is the town where Goodwin, Schwerner and Cheney, the three civil rights workers, were brutally killed trying to register black voters.

Where were the Republicans when the South were lynching us between the Civil War and Civil Rights? Republicans haven't done a damn thing since Reconstruction. In fact, it was a Republican President, Rutherford B. Hayes, was the one who ended Reconstruction, which gave black folks in the south, if not in the entire country, another century of post-slavery, refried hell oppression.

I swear telltruth, I don't know how in the HELL, black men your age (Elder, Hamblin, etc.) who were alive to see that crap, and STILL be naive.