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Reply to "Black Like GOP"

Originally posted by Black Viking:
Originally posted by telltruth:
Yeah, but, it was Democrats who elected him to the Office of the Senate....and that is people.

You mean his constituants elected him to the Senate. So, the only thing I gather from that, is that his constituants are morons.

The so-called Rev. Jesse Jackson and company never said a word about this former Klansman....but they did against Senator Trent Lot.

I don't care much for Jackson. But, he doesn't make policy, so I don't have to care much about him either.

Clinton is a Democrat and he was elected by Democrats which are the people.

Okay.... so what?

!932-1933 the Democrat President Franklin D. Roosevelt put forth the New Deal and under that was the Welfare system....that's when Blacks switched political parties from Republican to Democrats. Democrat President Lydon Johnson with his Great Society Program put the icing on the cake for the Black family.

Before you even begin to explain how the Black family was destroyed, you have to convince me that it has been destroyed at all. I become very frustrated with people who throw around sentences like "this or that is destroying the Black family" without quantifying it in any way. I happen to come from a strong Black family that has survived "The New Deal" and the "Great Society Program" (whatever negative effect you think they had).

BTW, what damage do you think these programs did to Black families? Please give an example, rather than spin more rhetoric.

Sorry, but I am not into "political correctness" that was what they were called before the Democrats invented political correctness.

And why aren't you into political correctness? Is it beyond you to give anyone any respect at all?

You mean to tell me you haven't heard those people equate their problems with Black Civil Rights.

Yes, I have... but I don't see any problem with it. The Civil Rights Movement was about civil rights. Historically, African Americans have been the most oppressed, but they are not the only oppressed. Oppression is oppression. It is to the betterment of everyone to promote civil justice and equality for everyone. I may never understand how there can be an African American alive today that does not understand that. White folks have an excuse for ingorance of this concept... we do not.

The USA was attacked Sir....that was an act of war.

Oh, it's as simple as that is it? Well, I'm so glad you are here to straighten the whole thing out for me. Please continue...

Who attacked us?

Here is one of your greatest Black leftwing liberals William Raspberry writing in one of the greatest leftwing newspapers the Washington Post on the subject of Black families

Bill Cosby on the Black Family

I have respect for those kinds of people as long as they don't step on my toes. I see that you feel that those kinds of people have a right to equate their struggle with the Black struggle-Ok if that is the way you are entitled to your own opinion and I have mine.

Why the USA is in the War Against Terror:

Oct 1983 Marine Barracks Beirut Lebanon 243 Killed

Dec 1988 Pan Am Flt 103 Lockerbie Scotland 244 Killed

Feb 1993 World Trade Center NYC 6 Killed

Jun 1996 Khobar Towers Saudia Arabia 19 Killed

Aug 1998 US Embassies Kenya/Tanzania 224 Killed

Oct 2000 USS Cole Yemen 17 Killed

Sep 2001 World Trade Center NYC 3000+ Killed
Pentagon Washington DC
United Airlines Flt 93

It would be aginst all nature for all the Negroes to be either at the bottom, top, or in between.... We will go where the internal drive carries us like everybody else. It is up to the individual-Zora Neale Hurston