Reply to "Black History Year...Every Year"

Originally Posted by Muhammad Cipher:

Interesting article but I have to say as much as I don't like 2 Chains and that whole style of rap, Black commentators have to step their game up.  Using random "shock value" quotes from any artistic work (including but NOT limited to rap) without addressing what the art is reflecting is weak and lazy writing and argumentation.


There are too many Black authors who are justifiably upset, but looking to score cheep and easy points by using a tone of condemnation toward the very people they (and we) claim to want to help. 


So 2 Chainz gets the screaming headline.....Killa Mike (look him up) gets no mention.





I believe the intent of the Dr. Kimberley Brown was to show that we need to step up our game, raise our standards, when discussing black history. As I stated, too often we focus, as part of Black History Month, on sports and entertainment. This isn't to say that these areas are not part of our history. They are, the good the bad, and the ugly. They shouldn't be ignored but they also shouldn't be focused on to the exclusion of everything else.


If we are going to discuss rap and Hip-Hop in the context of black history, we need to do justice by it. We need to start at the beginning. When did rap and hip-hop begin? What are the origins? What was the original message? When did smut, misogynistic, and violent themes appear in the lyrics? Why? Who produced rap and hip-hop in the past and who does it now? When was it hijacked? What are the various expressions today? Etc. We can't keep talking about any aspect of black history as though we are operating in a vacuum.


There are many aspects of our history: Science, Technology, Medicine, Engineering, Literature, Astronomy, Mathematics, etc., and not just here and in Africa. 


Too many view history as a means to memorize certain facts, names, and dates. The true purpose of history is for us to learn where we came from, who we are, and to figure out where we are going. The goal of history is to learn from the mistakes made by those before us to avoid repeating them.



It is admirable that Killer Mike's goal is to open up his Graffiti's SWAG barbershop in every major black city. That is a good way to create desperately needed jobs in our communities. I wish more of our wealthy black brothers and sisters would do the same.