Black History Year...Every Year

Have we, as a people, settled for a measly 28 days (29 during Leap Years) of Black history? Do we believe just one month is good enough to tell our story, a story that still hasn't been told or been given the justice it deserves? Do we want our history to continue being marginalized?


Are we satisfied that Black History Month often just focuses on slavery; the Jim Crow Era; the accomplishments of our black brothers and sisters in the fields of entertainment and sports; the Civil Rights Movement, and who was the first black person to do               as if we always had the same benefits, rights, and opportunities as whites?


Are we satisfied that our history is often told as though it were in a vacuum? As though our history began with the Trans-Atlantic slave trade? As though our history was not with the beginning of human life on Earth?


Why do we act as though we need approval and permission from our oppressors to teach and learn our history?


Why is it Jews and Muslims, for example, have schools for their children but we don't have schools for our children, taught by us, to teach our children their true history? Why do we insist on begging our oppressors, who control the public school system, to teach our history? Are we still slaves?


Black history needs to be told every day, every year. Our history is not only hidden from us, it is hidden from everyone (who is not truly in control of the system). Do not automatically assume that every white person who says we that we have not contributed or accomplished anything in this society is a racist. That individual is ignorant, maybe an ignorant racist. How are whites supposed to know our history when it isn't being taught to them? How are our children supposed to know our history when too many of us (erroneously) expect our oppressors to teach it to them?


We have fallen asleep on our job.


Black history should be taught every day, every year.




When 2 Chainz is Part of Your Black History Tribute, You Know Your People are Lost by Dr. Kimberley Brown


Excerpt from Henry Highland Garnet's Address To The Slaves of The United States of America:


Brethren, arise, arise! Strike for your lives and liberties. Now is the day and the hour. Let every slave throughout the land do this, and the days of slavery are numbered. You cannot be more oppressed than you have been—you cannot suffer greater cruelties than you have already. Rather die freemen than live to be slaves. Remember that you are four millions!

It is in your power so to torment the God-cursed slaveholders, that they will be glad to let you go free. If the scale was turned, and black men were the masters and white men the slaves, every destructive agent and element would be employed to lay the oppressor low. Danger and death would hang over their heads day and night. Yes, the tyrants would meet with plagues more terrible than those of Pharaoh. But you are a patient people. You act as though you were made for the special use of these devils. You act as though your daughters were born to pamper the lusts of your masters and overseers. And worse than all, you tamely submit while your lords tear your wives from your embraces and defile them before your eyes. In the name of God, we ask, are you men? Where is the blood of your fathers? Has it all run out of your veins? Awake, awake; millions of voices are calling you! Your dead fathers speak to you from their graves. Heaven, as with a voice of thunder, calls on you to arise from the dust.

Let your motto be resistance! resistance! resistance! No oppressed people have ever secured their liberty without resistance. What kind of resistance you had better make, you must decide by the circumstances that surround you, and according to the suggestion of expediency. Brethren, adieu! Trust in the living God. Labor for the peace of the human race, and remember that you are four millions.


Now we are over 33 million.

'My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge...'

 Hosea 4:6 (KJV)

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