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Reply to "Black Folks: It is Time to Lay Down the Mantle"


I think you are missing the point on this whole Issue. Basically speaking, every little chance Black Leaders get they want to line up supporting Hispanic Causes, but other than have one or two on the podum at a Black Gathering, when have you notices that Hispanics have ever supported any' Black Cause.

Did they March with Rev Al and Rev Jesse in New Orleans, or did they March with Other Blacks at any of the Marches on Washington or any place else? I don't think so.

I doubt if any of those people who participated in their "Illegal Immigrant" march the other day have ever participated in or supported any Black Issue or March ever. When Blacks offer support to those who don't have a history of supporting us, we look like fools.

Even though Black and Illegals are looking for work, these Companies who hire Illegals wouldn't hire Blacks anyway. Just look around you where all of this Urban Construction work is taking place, few Blacks are working on these Projects, and all the workers aren't Hispanics either. A Project near me has one Black out of about 40 or 50, and none are Hispanics. Not dark enough to notice.

These Illegals are unique because they lack Governmental Control, Tax Wise and every other way. These Businesses are riding a 'Cash Cow" that this Administration has sold them, and they aren't going to let it go.

Look at John McKane making a silly statement the other day about an american wouldn't work for $ 50 an hour. That is just one indication of how these Businesses have bought these people up, and for him to make a run for President he needs the Business and Hispanic support.


Originally posted by MBM:
Originally posted by EbonyRose:

I think some of us would do well to realize that the enemy of our enemy is not necessarily our friend. Roll Eyes

Are you really suggesting that you can't see the connectivity here? The very same "enemy" is harming both of us. Do you dispute this? Who is harming us? Who is exploiting them?

Beyond that - how is the enemy of our enemy NOT our friend? Please explain that.