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Reply to "Black Folks: It is Time to Lay Down the Mantle"

alonzo ...

I didn't mean to intimate that we wait for anything or anyone! Smile It wasn't an "or" situation ... it was they should AND we should too.

Originally posted by MBM:
I agree. So then let's give Latinos an opportunity to support us. Coming out against issues that are absolutely integral - in the most acute way - to their very lives and security is a great way to invite their support. sck

I don't have a problem with this, MBM. I have no problem with any alliance or coalition with any group of people that will produce a benefit for the Black community.

Hispanics have had ample opportunity to support us ... as I said before, Affirmative Action or the past two rigged elections or the Katrina incident are just a few examples. In fact, AA is an example of something that is highly beneficial to them as well, not just us.

I don't happen to see where illegal immigration fits into that bill, though. As a Black woman, nor as an American.

Frenchy ...

I guess it is easier for someone who was able to choose to come here and follow their dream of making a better life for themselves and their family to accept their role here and that of others like them in enjoying the benefits of someone else's sacrifice ... than it is for some of us who had no choice than to be here, had to fight for our acceptance and still cannot find respect for simply wanting a good and/or better life for ourselves and our families, in exchange for our sacrifice. But I really wouldn't know. sck