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Reply to "Black Folks: It is Time to Lay Down the Mantle"

Originally posted by alonzo:
EbonyRose, We can't and shouldn't expect Mexican people to protest in our behalf, this we should do for ourselves. It's black people who need to stand and be counted. Once we get organized and "stand up" you'll then see others helping in our cause. To your point regarding cheaper labor please read what MBM has been saying. It's our government and corporations that's encouraging and allowing this to happen. These mexicans are poor people who's ultimate goal is to feed and take care of their families so of course they'll work for cheap wages.. We need to focus our energy on the real problem which is our goverment and businesses. Please look at who's running the government and the corporations and you'll find the crux of the problem.

alonzo ...

Yes, we can and we should expect just that AND it is something we need to do for ourselves as well. There is not one gain that we made during the Civil Rights Movement that is of exclusive benefit to African Americans. Our gain turns into everybody's gain, because that is the way the promise of "America" is intended to work. And, seemingly, Black folks have never had a problem with that.

People of other races are able to 1) come here, 2) enjoy freedoms, 3) protest freely, 4) enjoy a lesser degree of discrimination than where they come from, 5) live wherever they can afford to do so, etc., etc., because Black people stood up and fought for and sacrificed for and demanded all of those things from an oppresive government, that clearly cared for no one other than those that looked like them ... for hundreds of years.

The same government and corporations that are exploiting cheap Mexican labor have been stepping on the necks of our people since the dawn of this Republic. So, okay, no problem, I'll be mad at them for what they're doing to Mexicans ... but that "mad" will have to get in line behind the "mad" I already am for what they have done/are doing to African Americans!! I mean, it's not like this is some new tactic unleashed in this country ... solely aimed at the current situation of illegal immigration! I don't need a reason to be "mad at" or to "blame" this gov't or big business for their wrongdoings. I have hundreds of years worth of reasons backed up, already, thank you. Eek

Every race of non-white people owe their ability to live as freely as they do in large part to the sacrifices of mainly Black people that made it happen .... because, it has never been a matter of "This is America ... and here are your rights"!! Even though that's what's written in the very Constitution that governs this land. The fight is/was/always has been ours ... and as long as it continues, those currently enjoying and benefitting what we've accomplished so far, should have an obligation to stand with us and for us ... every step of the way. Roll Eyes