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Reply to "Black Folks: It is Time to Lay Down the Mantle"

Okay, MBM, maybe we're getting somewhere!

For my position, let me state unequivocally, that I am not in the least bit interested in assigning blame. I couldn't care less whose "fault" it is. And I do mean less. Assigning blame for this problem doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of a solution to it. So you point the finger at a bad guy ... and then what??

What I do care about, though, is that for every ancestor of which I am a descendant, whose same bloodline flows within me that were brought to this country in chains, suffered the indignities of slavery, built this country with their blood, sweat, lives and tears, endured Jim Crow and the denial of the recognition and basic human and civil right of being seen as a full-blooded, fully endowed citizen of this country in which their bones are still buried, I claim that right, now and today, for them and for myself ... and I will continue to want and fight for every entitlement thereof, for myself and for those that are coming behind me. That's #1.

#2 – As far as I'm concerned, this country/government is dropping the ball on providing what is entitled to it's citizens, considering America is supposed to be the wealthiest, most powerful country in the world. That goes for me and my people, in particular .... But to be fair, the same is true as to all Americans in general. It's not that I mind sharing, but clearly, there already isn't enough to go around! Eek And who do you think suffers most? We have always been and continue to be on the bottom rung of the citizenship totem pole. As the slices of pie get smaller, who is the first to get less or none?

As long as I see elderly Black (and poor) citizens who put in their time and their money into building this country stronger going without the basic services of electricity and water and housing and healthcare ... and as long as I see Black (and poor) military veterans being denied basic medical care and services, out in the street homeless after offering their lives to serve this country as citizens, as long as I see Black (and poor) children being forced to learn in substandard schools with out of date books ... and the unemployment rate for Black citizens remains at levels double digits over the national level .... All of which are being told there's no money available for to help them ... and I watch as millions of illegal immigrants (and I couldn't care less about what race or nationality they happen to be!) are receiving and taking advantage of these benefits and services, this is what I'm going to have a problem with.

Legalizing these millions of currently illegal immigrants with the stroke of a pen, is not going to change this situation for Black people ... and, in fact, any supposed benefit is purely speculative. They evoke the name of MLK, but how many of them evoke his policy of securing certain basic human and social rights for citizens of any race, creed or color? Where were these millions of people when Affirmative Action was under attack? How many of them are organizing to march to change the justice/incarceration laws and are putting out a call to having their gang members stop attacking ours in prison? I've seen no Mexican lobbies out to insure that New Orleans is built back up by the people it affected most ... no, instead, they are gratefully accepting the offer of providing cheaper labor which serves to infuse their own selves and communities with cash and resources ... doled out by our government with our tax dollars, no less!

And for the record, Mr. Greenspan's little declaration may have spoken for funds at the federal level, but the state and local budgets and economies are a whole different checkbook!! The Feds can't reimburse the states for monies spent on mandated 9-11 security laws ... how much do you think they're getting back for providing services to non-legal immigrants?

To this point and time, illegal immigration has not benefited me or Black people, in general. Nor have I been shown where it is probable to benefit me or us in the future. Their detriment to us, however, has been enumerated throughout this post. And the bottom line is that is what I care about. Laying blame is a lesson in futility as compared to enacting a solution to the problem created by illegal immigration.

Prehaps you don't see a problem with it, though. And that's cool. But, I'll bet that Vet that can't afford the medication he needs to fight the symptoms of disease created from his exposure to Agent Orange while serving in our military might, since money that could be going towards supplementing his medical care is being used to provide healthcare to someone who can't claim citizenship, and in many cases, can't even speak English. Roll Eyes