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Reply to "Black Folks: It is Time to Lay Down the Mantle"

Originally posted by MBM:
Originally posted by EbonyRose:

I think some of us would do well to realize that the enemy of our enemy is not necessarily our friend. Roll Eyes

Are you really suggesting that you can't see the connectivity here? The very same "enemy" is harming both of us. Do you dispute this? Who is harming us? Who is exploiting them?

Beyond that - how is the enemy of our enemy NOT our friend? Please explain that.

No, that's not what I'm suggesting.
No, I don't dispute that.

Against my better judgment, and all reasonable doubt that it will do any good, I will try.

It is as Dell Gines explained above, so I will not go into repeating him, but rather suggest that you go back and re-read it.

I believe the biggest problem we are having with this issue, MBM, is that in your determination to prove your point, you seem to absolutely refuse to recognize any others.

I have never once denied that I can plainly see that Big Business exploits Mexican labor. Ray Charles can see that with Stevie Wonder's eyes.

That particular point/statement has nothing to do with 1) Entering this country subverting immigration laws is illegal; 2) Cheap Mexican labor depresses wages; 3) Educating/housing/providing medical care to millions of illegal immigrants strains local and state economies; or 4) on issues important to Black Americans, Hispanics have never reached out and offered a coalition to produce hundreds of thousands of supporters on our behalf.

You can scream about your exploitation issue as loud and as often as you like. It will still be as different from and have absolutely nothing to do with the four positions above. In fact, if no illegal Mexican immigrant had a job in this country, three of the four would still be true.

Again, this is no doubt falling on deaf ears, because you have no desire to see any point other than the one you are intent on making. I don't see where anyone here has disputed or denied the fact that Mexicans are exploited by American corporations. I also don't see where you have realized that the rest of us are discussing other relevant issues concerning the immigration issue nor stopped repeating yourself long enough to address those other points.

American corporations are dogging both races, yes. But you want me to get all upset at what they are doing to Mexicans ... I have not yet resolved being upset at what they have been doing to Black people for the last 300 years!! And yeah, I and me and mine come first.

I'll leave the big international group hug singing of Kumbaya to you, while I concentrate more on things directly affecting and of concern to the Black community. sck
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